How to take therapeutic baths

�General and local therapeutic baths

Common baths are prescribed for a variety of therapeutic purposes, while immersing the body completely in water, the time of exposure depends on the desired goal.
Local baths for hands are prescribed for diseases of the joints of the hands, upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx during the period of colds. To do the procedure, lower your hands to the elbow in a container of warm water (38-39 degrees). Keep your hands should be 20 minutes, gradually pouring hot water, bringing it to 43 degrees. After the bath, wipe your hands and wear warm gloves overnight.
Local foot bath soothes nerves, relieves fatigue, helps with the first signs of a cold, cough or runny nose. To do this, lower your legs to the knee in hot water, it should be about 43 degrees for 15 minutes. As it cools, add a little hot water. Enhance the effect with the help of mustard powder.

�General rules for bathing

You should not take a bath immediately after a meal, it should take at least two hours. It is advisable to empty the bladder and intestines before the procedure. It is also necessary to rinse under a shower before taking a bath in order to wash off the fatty film from the skin surface, which prevents the penetration of beneficial substances into the skin.
The water in the bathroom should be such that the body is immersed in it until the middle of the chest. It is not advisable to take a hot bath longer than 15�20 minutes, and not more than once a week, because there is a big load on the heart, in addition, the skin begins to peel off. A warm bath is allowed to take 2-3 times a week. Hot and warm water causes the skin to lose a large amount of fat needed for its normal functioning. In addition, frequent bathing is harmful for people suffering from varicose veins, osteochondrosis, cardiovascular diseases, cellulite.
After the bath should relax a bit, lie down at least half an hour. If, taking a bath, you feel bad, you should immediately stop the procedure. Being in the water, it is very useful to do self-massage and rubbing with a sponge, hand or washcloth.

�Rules for taking therapeutic baths

A warm bath helps relieve fatigue, relieve stress, and relax. Any local bath relieves migraines. This is due to the fact that such a procedure causes blood to flow to the extremities, as a result, reducing pain. The duration of such a bath should not exceed 8 minutes.
Hot bath is a potent treatment. During this procedure, the metabolism is activated, the vessels expand, slags and toxins are removed. Very useful after her cold shower. These baths are useful for convulsions, gout, chronic joint diseases, pain in the kidneys, gall bladder, stomach, with hypothermia and colds, and nervous exhaustion. Enhance the therapeutic effect can be, if after a bath drink hot herbal tea with honey. However, hot baths are not recommended for people suffering from hypotension and heart disease.
Cool baths are able to charge a person with energy, give vigor, stimulate the nervous system, increase tone, relieve depression and stress. The duration of a cool bath should be no more than 25 minutes.
Cold baths increase metabolism and excite the nervous system.Very often they are used for obesity and for hardening the body. Accept them no more than 3 minutes.
Herbal baths that have a healing effect can have a wide variety of effects on the human body. They soothe, relieve fatigue, cleanse the skin, improve metabolic processes, relieve insomnia, and have an anesthetic effect. You can prepare herbs for baths by yourself or buy them at the pharmacy. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved after a course of 10-15 procedures. The duration of each is not more than 20 minutes at a water temperature of 37 degrees. In addition to herbal, in the bath, you can add mineral salts, aromatic oils or extracts of brown algae.

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