How to call a company?

How to call a company?

How to think of a company name?



This article will go into a detailed consideration of such an important aspect of business as the development of the name of the company, not for nothing that there is such a saying “How you call a ship, so it will float!”. Usually, businessmen are faced with such a phenomenon as: whether there is not even a single version of the name, or vice versa, a lot of options, but how will it stop at the right option.


This issue requires a very serious approach, not excluding the creative process. The simplest, but also the most costly (in monetary terms) is an appeal to specialized firms engaged in direct inventing the original names for firms (this service is called naming).


But the newly opened company may just have problems of a monetary nature, to pay for this service. And not many will entrust the right to call their company to another organization, this compare the choice of the name for their child. For those who decided to invent their own company name, just this article is intended.


How to think of the name of the company?



Firstly, you need to "wind yourself up", that the name of the company will be associated with each product produced or the service provided by your firm. Therefore, you should avoid the first come to mind options. The name of the company should sound clear, easy and should not be too long.


There are several specific rules for the name of the company:




  • the multiplicity, the shorter, the better, if you decided to call the company "Nickel-tungsten titanium", then it is better to reduce to "Nikvotit".
  • Try to avoid abusive, negative expressions that can lead you to a fiasco.
  • Also, importantly, the rejection of similar names with existing companies, otherwise there may be issues that will be resolved in court, and in the future to large material penalties.


The main trends in the names of the company:



Use of the last name in the company name.

Quite popular practice abroad: Ford, Daimler, Heinz - familiar names? But here it is worth considering if you are going to open a car manufacturing company, and your last name is Nezdezd, then you are guaranteed fiasco with this car name. Also with many examples,so before you give preference to the name of the company of your name, it is worth considering the combination of your name with the products or services you provide.



The many names of companies that are encountered are the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, and many other geographic features. Examples include Vauxhall Motors (the area near the River Thames), Nokia (the river in Finland), Oka (the river in Russia) and such examples are huge. If you decide to give the company a name from geographical objects, it should be remembered that the company named "Peter" will not be so popular in the city of Moscow.


The activities of the company.

It would be a good option if you can specifically identify the scope of the company. In determining the name, it is necessary to beautifully and capaciously arrange the activities of the company. So, for example, the restaurant "delicious dinners" sounds, to put it mildly, not very, and if you call the restaurant "Treasury of tastes", this sign will look more solid and sound.



It is hard to disagree with such a factor as the fact that word combinations are remembered much better than individual words. This is most likely due to the fact that phrases give rise to some further associations. So the name “House in the village” sounds more harmonious than just the name “House”.



If there is a high level of competition in your business segment, then how a distinctive feature of your company can be the name. So if the first letter of your company is the letter “A”, then a potential client will look to you rather than a competitor when viewing the business directory, where the first letter in the company name is the letter “I”. It may happen that the name of your company will obviously be inferior in terms of eloquence and brevity, but because of the first letter of the alphabet, you will be above the “eloquent” competitor.



Many beautiful and interesting names can be found in various mythologies. Here, do not forget about such a rule as: "Not everything is beautifully sounding, useful". So the company engaged in the supply of drugs is difficult to imagine with the name Hades. Or another example of the "House of the Ares", although if you drop deeper, it turns out that Ares in ancient mythology is the god of war.


Foreign words.

On our beautiful planet there are a huge number of languages. And in each of them, undoubtedly, there are beautiful and unusual words. If a foreign word sounds spectacular, why not call your company like that. Here translation can become an underwater stone, do not be lazy to find out what this word means. But it may be quite comical situation.


The main ways of moving on inventing the name of a company are certain. Now in what direction to move you decide. In this case, do not forget about the competitors, suddenly the name is already another office. All these tips hope to help you solve this problem.

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