How to tie beret "crochet"

You will need
  • - 90 grams of basic yarn of medium thickness,
  • - 10 grams of yarn to decorate the average thickness,
  • - hook number 2,
  • - 1 button.
Make a ring of 5 air loops or make a ring of thread. In this ring knit 12 crochets.
The next row to knit like this: in each column of the previous row we make two double crochets. It turned out 24 columns.
Second row
The third row is knitted in the following way: in one column of the previous row we make two double crochets, we knit the second column with a raised and convex column, and so alternate.
Third row
The fourth and subsequent rows are knitted according to the principle of the third row, only the number of ordinary columns in the sector will be increased by one in each row. To do this, you need to do two columns in one of the loops. It turns out that in each row 12 columns are added. Convex column previous row knit convex.
4 row
Thus knit with increases until the diameter of the circle is 26.5-27 cm.
A circle
Next, you need to knit without adding, according to the picture. We knit simple columns with simple ones, convex ones - convex. Knit without increments need 2 cm - 3-4 rows.
It should be such a "bowl".
Knit without increments
Next, we begin to do a decrease in this way: in each sector-slice, you need to subtract one column, for this we knit two columns together.
We knit 6-7 rows like this and try on it. If it takes at the time of girth, then we begin to knit the bezel with semi-columns with a crochet.
One row we knit the main thread, the second row - finishing (white) thread, then again the main one.
The beret's edge is tied with a striking step. Such binding will prevent the edge of the beret from strong stretching in the process of wearing and washing.
We knit a decorative flower from finishing threads and sew it. Takes ready.
It takes me an average of 6.5-7 hours to knit such a beret.
Ready to take
Helpful advice
Wash such a beret is necessary only with his hands in cool water. Do not rub when washing. Wringing beret is recommended, wrapped in a terry towel. Do not twist in any way. It takes better to dry, putting it on a flat plate of large diameter, put on a jar.In this case, you need to gently straighten the beret and flower with his hands.

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