How to tie Georievsky ribbon master classes with photos


One of the main symbolic attributes associated with the Great Patriotic War and Victory Day is the St. George Ribbon. Its appearance and color tone correspond to the ribbon, which is covered with a gold block of the military medal "For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." Actively popularized in the community this accessory began in 2005 in Russia. The initiators of the large-scale action were the information agency RIA Novsty and the ROOSPM Student Community. Every year, on the eve of the May 9 celebration, members of these organizations take to the streets of different cities and countries and distribute a small symbol of freedom triumph over fascism absolutely free. During the original flash mob, the participants managed to spread around the world about 50 million ribbons, thus uniting the planet under the banner of a great victory.Since it is not difficult to tie the St. George ribbon, it is worn not only in the form of a bow on the chest, but also on handbags, in hair, on jackets, jackets and headdresses, fixed on car antennas and door handles, wrapped around the wrist in the manner of a charm and woven in pigtails to little girls. Patriotic action takes place under the slogan: “Tie it. If you remember! ”And“ I remember! I am proud! ”And calls upon every person to never forget about the feat of veterans, combatants and dedicated workers of the rear.

How to tie a georievsky ribbon: a master class with step by step photos

Victory Day is always prepared in advance. Immediately before the holiday itself, clothing suitable for the celebration is chosen (neat, elegant, but at the same time quite strict) and they are thinking about how best to tie the St. George ribbon so that it harmoniously fits into the image and looks beautiful, bright and spectacular. There are no hard and fast rules, criteria or restrictions. You can show your imagination and come up with your own extraordinary way of tying up patriotic jewelry. But if there is no time to create an exclusive,Use the classic version and, following our instructions, make a universal loop from the orange-black victory ribbon, symbolizing the memory and tribute to the events of 1941-1945.

  1. Smooth the tape and put in front of you on the table.ZGL-01
  2. Fold in half and tighten one end up so that it becomes slightly shorter than the other and slightly take it to the side.ZGL-02
  3. The resulting eyelet gently straighten and ensure that it looks clear and smooth. To prevent parts of the ribbon from disintegrating, fasten them together with a drop of glue or stitch them together.ZGL-03

How to tie a bow of St. George ribbon with their own hands

A bow of St. George ribbon looks very elegant, attractive and symbolic. You can tie it with your own hands, and then fasten it on a blouse, dress or jacket lapel. He gives along the necessary solemnity and perfectly combined with any stylistic trends in clothing, from classic to trendy trends.

  1. The cut of St. George ribbon from 30 to 40 centimeters in length should be laid out flat on the table in front of you and made a small loop on one side.ZGL-05
  2. Then all the same to do on the other side.ZGL-06
  3. Cross the two parts of the ribbon in the center and fasten with a small pin.ZGL-07

 Brooch from St. George ribbon, a beautiful and patriotic decoration

In order to make a spectacular brooch from the St. George ribbon with your own hands, you will need a coil of the ribbon itself, sharp tailor's scissors, a ruler or centimeter and various additional details (stones, small artificial flowers, English beads, stars from metal, ribbons of a different color, etc.) . In the manufacture, you can give yourself the will and show fantasy, creativity, artistic taste and creative abilities to the maximum. Then you will definitely get a very unusual, bright, stylish and absolutely unique symbolic decoration. You can not only pin it on your clothes, headgear or bag, but also present it as a gift to a friend or loved one. Most of all, such a gift will delight veterans. They will be grateful to you for your attention and will forever preserve a memorable souvenir that symbolizes their great and glorious deed, not forgotten by the younger generation.



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