How to treat nail fungus folk methods

There is a huge amount of drugs for the treatment of nail fungus. For example, ointment �Exoderil�, �Dermalex�, �Clotrimazole�, capsules and tablets �Pimafucin�, �Lamisil�, �Trihopol�. You can also use patches with a peeling effect, such as �Nogtivit�, �Demicten� and nail polish �Loceride�, �Batrafen�. Before using medications, be sure to consult your doctor!
Celandine treatment
It is necessary to grind 120 g of the roots of celandine, put it in a glass jar and pour 500 ml of hot pork fat on top. Bring to a boil in a water bath, cool. The mixture of daily treated fungus affected places.
Potato treatment
One potato grate on a fine grater. Grate the potatoes with a thin layer on the nail affected by mycosis for 40-60 minutes. After removing the �potato lotion� feet, rinse with warm water.This procedure is carried out every other day for 2-3 weeks.
Treatment with soda and salt
You must take 1 tbsp. soda food and 2 tbsp. salt. Dissolve in warm water and immerse in the ready solution. Repeat this procedure until the fungus on the nails completely disappears.
Herbal Treatment
Take 30 g of grass of horsetail, oak bark, calendula grass, medicinal verbena and blackberry blueberry. All mix and 3 tbsp. the resulting collection pour a glass of boiling water. After 20 minutes, strain and cool.

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