How to treat radiculitis

In the world, probably, there is not such a large amount of means for treating a disease as from radiculitis. Actually, its treatment depends on the causes of anxiety. Also, the stage of the disease and the time elapsed since the beginning of the detection are important.
The most popular methods in the treatment of sciatica are various types of spinal traction, physiotherapy (ultrasounds, electrophoresis, radon waves, inductothermy, etc.), as well as acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and so on.
Best of all radiculitis is treated in the initial stages and when it is treated comprehensively. A large number of people prefer to treat radiculitis with the help of traditional medicine.
For example, a variety of rubbing with the warm hands of a sick area helps to relieve pain during an attack. Here is another remedy, pick a burdock leaf, wash it, and attach it to the sore spot. Then warm it with a warm scarf.
By the way, dog wool scarves are an excellent remedy for sciatica.
Compresses can be made from cabbage leaves, from lemon balm and mint, from dry sage leaves.
An excellent tool is also rye flour. Knead dough out of it and wait until it becomes sour.

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