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how to understand a young man?

Hello. I can not understand the young man. When they met, he was very active, often wrote, called, told something, sent a photo, constantly offered to meet. Then the oddities began. He then behaves very actively, then disappears. Can not write, do not call, not interested in anything, and then, as if nothing had happened, he appears and begins to express himself intensively. He then remembers every little thing I told him about, he won’t even ask how my health is when I am at home in the hospital. He can disappear for a few days.

What can this behavior mean? I used to assume that if a man disappears regularly, behaves so strangely, then he doesn’t need anything from a particular girl. But maybe I'm wrong? And just do not understand the "thin mental organization" of the opposite sex?


Hello! Thank you for asking. Tell me, did you start to observe this behavior on his part, after sex between you or did you not associate it with this event?

According to the signs that you described, it looks like he has another girl on the horizon. Men are not very good in the distribution of attention and time between several passions, so the girl who is not in priority begins to suffer. But these are only my guesses, again, according to the described signs.

I do not think that you are satisfied with this state of affairs. So, if you did not swear to each other in eternal love, you can calmly search for a new guy and go on dates. A man who is afraid of losing a woman will always be active and interested in a relationship so that no one else will even look at her. If a man does not fight for you, then you are not so interested in him. It's not nice, but we can not like everyone to madness. Someone more, someone less. This is normal. You just need to find the man who will go crazy with you.

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Thank you, Natalia! Frankly, before sex has not even reached. Therefore, it is doubly strange: usually men quite actively seek intimacy. The same one day can be active and gentle, and then they remain silent for a week.

Maybe you're right.He has someone else in priority. And I as a backup option. Unpleasant But it is better to say goodbye now than to be disappointed later.

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