How to unlearn smoking

Perhaps you yourself are aware that smoking is just a foolish habit from the past for you, when for some reason you picked up the first cigarette. Since then, you began to take it mechanically and lost the edge when the cigarette became your "girlfriend." To say to yourself “stop” painlessly, analyze the situation. Think about why you smoke, and does a cigarette really save you? Do you really enjoy the stifling smoke, its taste in the mouth, the smell from your hands, hair, clothes, yellowing fingers?
Set yourself a timer, for example, smoke 1 cigarette per hour / day. After a couple of days, cut off one third of each cigarette. Just cut off, and do not be fooled, without finishing one third to the filter, measured by eye. After another 5-7 days, cut off half of all cigarettes, then two thirds. Do not regret cigarettes, regret your own health. After another 5-7 days, smoke one third every hour / day, then once a week. Most likely, you yourself will understand that you no longer want to smoke, and your life gradually and without stress has ceased to be the life of a smoker.
To wean yourself smoking, just stop doing it.Conduct an experiment on your own willpower: do it sharply. Try ten days not to take cigarettes in your mouth. Maybe it will be difficult, but after this period, you will already be unpleasant to smell the smoke of a person smoking in the street. From the very first puff you will feel dizzy, and it is unlikely that you will finish the cigarette to the end. Think about whether you need it and whether to continue. The correct answer will be obvious.
Motivate yourself by saving money for a pack of cigarettes that you would buy earlier in a special piggy bank or envelope. Be sure that a decent amount will be collected even in a short time. After a month or a couple of months, open the piggy bank and treat yourself to what you really want.
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Helpful advice
Communicate with non-smokers, often visit the cafe with the inscription "Do not smoke here." Enjoy life, not smoking.

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