How to unlock a laser printer cartridge

To unlock the cartridge, it will be necessary to programmer chips chips for cartridges. You can buy it in stores with computer equipment or spare parts for copiers. The programmer should choose the right one for a particular cartridge, because universal models may not be suitable. There are programmers with interchangeable nozzles - a handy thing for those who need to work with different printers.
The next step will be to read the instructions for the device, so they may differ depending on the type of programmer. Some models work when connected to a computer, in which case you will have to install a work program and drivers on it. Standalone programming devices do not require connection to a PC, and the chip reset process is controlled by several buttons on the device itself.
Next, open the printer and remove from it the cartridge. This should be done with the device turned on, otherwise some copiers may give an error and reset the chip again. Then remove the chip from the cartridge. Each type of cartridge, this process has its own characteristics. Sometimes you have to cut a plastic case to remove the part - in such cases it is easier to buy an adapter to the programmer.
The released chip connects to the programmer connector. Resetting occurs following the instructions for the device. After that, the unlocked chip is inserted back into its place, and the cartridge returns to the printer.

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