How to upgrade an old cast iron pot

������If the cast iron pot is slightly contaminated, use the following recipe: pour a small amount of water inside, add dishwashing liquid, vinegar or salt, then carefully wipe with a foam sponge and rinse under running water.
For more complex contaminants, it is recommended to use only acetic acid: pour 1 bottle of this product in a cast-iron pan and dilute it with a small amount of water. Leave for a couple of hours, then rinse thoroughly.

Black soot

If the cast iron pan has become difficult to remove soot of black color, fill a large container, for example, a metal basin with water and lower the pan there. Then pour a little soda ash, washing powder and add stationery glue. All this must be put on a moderate heat and bring to a boil. The duration of boiling depends on the degree of soot, but not less than 2 hours.
As soon as the carbon begins to move away, remove the pan from the pelvis or other container and clean it with a metal brush. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure again.

Fire is what really works.

Another equally effective way to upgrade an old cast iron pan is to put it in a fire for a long time. True, this option is not quite suitable for those who live in an apartment, so you can use an oven instead of open fire - just turn it on for maximum temperature, put the pan inside and fry for at least 3 hours, then cool and clean using a special tool.

Modern methods

In addition to the time-tested methods of cleaning cast-iron cookware, including pans, there are equally effective modern means. If you were able to remove contaminants from the inside of the pan, and they remained outside, try to treat them with special store supplies (for example, �Anti-Nagar� or �Schumanite�). In this case, be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Way for the lazy

To quickly update the cast iron pan, without making special efforts for this, use an ordinary metal brush designed to remove carbon deposits.It will easily and quickly eliminate even very old pollution. But remember that the use of such a brush on the pan will remain ugly scratches.

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