How to use the iPod?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
April 8, 2013
How to use the iPod?

iPod is by far the most popular player in the world. If you are lucky enough to purchase this gadget, then it would not hurt to read the recommendations for its proper use. We will talk about a few basic actions that you can perform with this trendy and popular device.

How to enable ipod

How to use ipod? In order to enable it, you must first remove the player from the lock. Use the special button for this, you will find it on the top panel of the player. It moves left and right, and when it is orange next to it, it means that the lock is on, if the player's color is on, it is turned off. After removing from the lock, press the center button or on the “Play” indicated by the arrow.

How to reboot ipod

To reboot your iPod, press and hold two keys simultaneously for five seconds: the center key and the “MENU” key. These actions will lead to a "hard" reboot without formatting. This function is useful when your player hangs, and neither movies nor music will be deleted.

How to charge ipod

To charge your iPod, use the device provided with the gadget. Charging is a USB cable through which the player can be connected to a computer. With it, you and recharge your iPad, as well as get the opportunity to throw off the music.

Installing a new program for ipod

If you suddenly need to reflash the iPod, we recommend downloading the latest version of such a program as iYunes. You can find it by reference.

. Open the latest version and connect the player to the computer. When your PC recognizes an iPod, select it in the menu on the left. In the window that does not slow down to appear, find "Check for updates" or "Check for Updates". Probably, installing new software, you can solve problems with the gadget.

How to flash iPod

If you have installed a new software, but have not solved the problem with the player, then there is only one option left - you have to reflash the iPod completely. What needs to be done for this? Click "Restore" or "Restore". Then iTunes will be able to recognize the type of your player automatically. As a result, the old software will be removed and the new one downloaded. Please note that the player during this process was always connected to the computer.And do not forget to throw the contents of the player on the computer, because when flashing it will be deleted.

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