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How to Use Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is an on line service for visual project management and real-time collaboration. Here, you will learn how to start using it. Click on any of the images to enlarge.


  1. Create your free account at
  2. Create your first board.First of all you will need to create at least one board to work on. When you log in to your account please select the option “Create new board”. In this section you are able to name your board, provide a short description and, most importantly, choose one of the pre-defined types of the board that will allow you to start the work as quickly as possible.
  3. Add users to your account.Start collaborating by adding new users to your account. Click “People” icon and fill the form. The person you added to your account will receive an email with their user name, password and URL to access your account.
  4. Create a task.To add a task to the particular column either just double click on the empty space within the column or choose “add task” icon. To do it faster, you can also use a keyboard shortcut “N”. Remember to save your card. Note that you can also import tasks from Excel/ CSV or add tasks via email.
  5. Move tasks around.The aim of using the Kanban board is to see the card progress through the various stages of the project until it reaches the end (i.e. done) at the far right end of the board. To move the card around the board you can use a standard drag & drop method or a card dropdown menu. Just right-click on the card and select "Move".
  6. Archive tasks.KanbanTool allows you to archive finished tasks so they don't waste space on the board and you could always go back to them. To archive a task right-click on the Kanban card and use dropdown menu (this option is available only in the last column of your Kanban board). To archive all tasks in the last column right-click on the header of the "Done" column and select "Archive all" option.
  7. Analyze performance.Kanban Tool provides advanced Kanban analytics and metrics including: cumulative flow diagram, lead & cycle time diagram and breakdown charts.

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  • You can work faster and save your time by using keyboard shortcuts on Kanban Board view. Try out following shortcuts:
  • N for adding new tasks
  • Ctrl + Enter for saving and closing existing task or for creating and closing new tasks
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter for saving changes to the existing Kanban card or for creating and adding next new task
  • Esc for closing card without saving
  • Ctrl or Shift + arrow (up or down) for navigating between swimlanes
  • Ctrl + number (from 1 to 9) for navigating between swimlanes, eg.

Video: Intro to Kanban in Under 5 Minutes (What is Kanban, Learn Kanban)

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