How to visually enlarge the space

Choose light pastel colors for the walls. If you are using wallpaper, then take one of the following options: monophonic, in a small non-contrast pattern or with vertical stripes (also non-contrast). Do not use the bordering scheme.
Make the floor and ceiling light too. The flooring can be made of light glossy tile, laminate or parquet. Do not cover the floor with a large carpet; put a small bright rug in the middle of the room or near the sofa. Stretch glossy ceiling will make the room higher.
Add mirrors and glass surfaces to the interior. Hang large sheets of mirrors on the wall. Choose the location that best suits your room: partially close one of the walls from floor to ceiling; make a mirror angle that will create a perspective; pick up mirrors for about half the height of the wall, starting from the ceiling. The latter option will create the illusion of septum and behind it.
Use a cabinet with mirror or glass doors and a table with a glass surface. Just do not allow the reflection of the mirror in the mirror.
Curtains, furniture, accessories pick up the tone for the wallpaper. The less they stand out from the walls, the less space they will take. Provide removable covers as light furniture gets dirty pretty quickly.
Choose not very large furniture with a minimum number of parts. The simpler the lines, the easier they look. Instead of chairs it is better to put comfortable ottomans.
Place the furniture along the walls and in the corners, do not clutter up the middle of the room. The more “clean”spacein the middle, the bigger the room looks.
Keep as few small items as possible visible - dishes, accessories, household appliances, etc. When there are too many of them, there is a feeling of clutter and that all this simply has nowhere to put.
If it is possible, do not use heavy blackout curtains, hang translucent curtains of thin fabric.
Correctly position the lighting. Note that daylight, hidden (built-in) lighting and point sources of light (halogen lamps, floor lamp) visually increasespace. It is better to refuse the central lighting.

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