How to warm the floor in a country house

You will need
  • - vapor barrier materials;
  • - heat insulating materials;
  • - self-leveling floor;
  • - floor coverings.
To warm the floor, carry out the warming work of the entire basement. Cover the walls of the basement, the outer side of the floor with vapor-insulating materials and fix a thick layer of heat-insulating materials on them. Mineral wool is suitable for insulation, the cost of which is the most affordable for all segments of the population.
Instead of mineral wool, you can use polystyrene foam or glass wool, which is still widely used as a warming material. If you use rolled materials, fasten them with slats. For the installation of sheet materials in building supermarkets, a special aluminum or plastic profile is sold, which you fit to the size of the plates, screwed with screws, and install the plates themselves.
Complete insulation of the basement will help you keep the floor warm without the use of electrical heating.
For even more reliable heat retention, use cement screed and floor coverings for finishing and preserving heat.
If the floor is out of townhomesufficiently even and the screed is not required, additional insulation can be achieved with a solution for self-leveling floors. Mixtures for self-leveling floor are presented in the field of trade in a wide range, perfectly fill the gap and allow you to maximize the floor, if the level of differences does not exceed two centimeters. Before using any mixture, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer.
The self-leveling floor dries within 48 hours, after which you can lay the flooring.
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Warming by this method will help you to keep warm in the coldest winter season, the floor will be perfectly level, all wooden structures will be reliably protected from moisture, which appears due to the steam effect.

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