How to warm up the radiator

You will need
  • - Mayevsky's crane;
  • - organic and inorganic acids;
  • - pump;
  • - water.
Determine the cause of the malfunctioning of the heating system: this is the only way to take the right actions to correct problems and warm up the radiators. Let�s allow it, an airlock has formed in some parts of the pipeline, then you need to check whether the air collectors are working properly. Then, using a Mayevsky crane, check the radiator of the heating system for the presence of air in it. If, after all the attempts made to resolve the problem, it was not possible, check if there are any counter-slopes on the horizontal sections. Bleed air in all its places of accumulation.
The second most common problem that prevents the heating of the radiator is the insufficient opening of valves installed on the supply or return lines. If you think this is the cause of cold batteries in the apartment, adjust the temperature of the heat supplied by opening the shut-off valve.
The third reason why the apartment may be cold batteries - clogging in liner and on the risers.You will need to flush the heating. There are several washing options: chemical, hydrodynamic and pneumohydropulse. To implement the chemical flushing of the pipeline of the heating system, organic and inorganic acids are used, which are fed into the heating system by means of a pump. Hydrodynamic flushing involves feeding a thin stream of water into the pipeline under very high pressure.

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