How to wash a bottle

You will need
  • - brush;
  • - dishwashing detergent (soda, salt);
  • - fine abrasive for filling the bottle;
  • - acetone or solvent;
  • - means for removal of mineral deposits;
  • - means to remove stickers;
  • - scouring powder;
  • - warm and hot water;
  • - capacious capacity;
  • - knife, rag, hard washcloth.
The easiest way to washa bottle- This is a good old brush, hot water and a small amount of baking soda, salt or dishwashing liquid. To prevent household chemicals from settling on the glass cavity, rinse thoroughly.a bottleunder running water or in several clear waters. From time to time, pour out the liquid vigorously.a bottle.
If complex contaminants remain on the vessel walls (for example, green or brown microscopic algae), you will need to resort to abrasives. Fill the contaminated container with sawdust (grain, coarse sand, eggshell, etc.). If you are engaged in cleaning the bottles in the summer - then just grass.
Add water to the container and shake well.a bottleuntil the dirt lags behind the inner walls. Then you will only rinse and rinse the container.
Use a special solvent mineral deposits to get rid of white bloom. It is formed in bottles due to the storage of hard water in it. Such a tool can be searched in the store of household chemicals (for example, Sanox, "Himitek" and others).
To remove the paper label, the bottles are usually soaked in a roomy container with very warm water for several hours. To speed up the process, you can add some dishwashing liquid to the water.
After soaking, some labels fall off of the bottles by themselves.

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