How to wash the form

Examine the tag on the clothes. Clothing manufacturers use special characters to convey useful information related to this item. Before washing, be sure to study them, so that later there will be no annoying misunderstandings. As a rule, these are: “hand wash”, “dry cleaning”, “delicate wash”, “bleaching prohibited” and so on. In general, working clothes, in view of the unpretentiousness of the fabric, are easy to wash: soak and wash directly. The exception is specials. clothes with a protective coating, which shall be dry cleaned.
Sort clothing according to tag information. Most often, working suits are sewn from dark dense fabrics, which are washed at medium or high temperature. Spread out separately: things of dark and light colors, delicate fabrics and underwear that requires prior soaking.
Soak especially soiled laundry. For clothes of this kind, this is especially true. Cooking in the kitchen, working in the garden can significantly spoil your favorite costume.In the bustle, we often forget to wash in a timely manner, and when we remember, the thing is already significantly stained. In order to soak the laundry, dilute a small amount of powder in a basin with water with a temperature of 30-60 degrees for 30-40 minutes. If necessary, add a stain remover or prewash it with laundry soap.
If, after soaking, the item has not acquired the desired appearance, you can try the prewash in the washing machine. To do this, simply turn on the machine by installing the desired program.
If your clothes do not need prewash, you can proceed to the main one. Select the required options according to the nature of the fabric. It is best to wash at a temperature of 60-90 degrees. The exceptions are things from natural fabrics that do not tolerate high temperatures. Turn things inside out and distribute evenly in the drum. Do not fill clothes too much - it will worsen the quality of washing. For best results, it makes sense to include additional rinsing and spinning at least 800 revolutions (if these programs are available on your machine).
After the linen is washed, it needs to be dried.Shake and flatten clothes thoroughly. In the future, this will allow you to avoid problems with ironing. Hang the items in a well-ventilated place at the right time.

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