How to wear a leopard print and not look vulgar

In the pre-autumn and autumn-winter collections, designers return to leopard prints. Anticipating the excitement, we hurry to tell you right now how to accurately and correctly add this complex color to your wardrobe.

What to buy in the spring?

In our country leopard print discredited itself in the 1990's and early 2000's. For these ten years and more, who only did not give him preference: brisk fartsovitsy, and saleswomen in grocery departments, and hunters for wealthy men. Dresses and cardigans literally cracked at the seams on the magnificent figures, and color added a brisk makeup with blue shadows and scarlet lipstick. It's no wonder that for many of us this animalistic print still seems to be something indecent. However, today no one and does not make us nostalgic for those dashing years of permissiveness. Much water has flowed since then, and we finally learned to understand fashion. Therefore, we discard the last doubts and, without waiting for the fall, we buy:


We owe love for the leopard coat, of course, to Kate Moss, who once introduced this piece of clothing to fashion. It was with the filing of the supermodel of the 90s that the complex print was no longer considered an essential attribute of the ladies of easy virtue and was elevated to the rank of a noble fashion trend. In the fall collections, quotes from your favorite Kate model can be found in Dries Van Noten, Maison Margela, Stella McCartney, as well as in democratic brands. Do not want a coat - look for a compromise: a bomber jacket, a park or a jacket.

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