How to wear a white sweater?

There are things we put on that we feel especially comfortable. Surely, every woman in the wardrobe will find a favorite sweater that envelops you with warmth, as if embracing. The beauty of such a knitted thing is that it can become a real highlight of the image. Today we will talk about a white sweater and what to wear with it.

The world of beauty and warmth in one thing

A white sweater is not such a simple piece of clothing as it may seem at first glance. Yes, there is nothing pretentious and catchy, but this is what makes it special. And its main “weapon” is color.

For a start, let's decide which model suits anyone. Slender girls should prefer things on the figure or free cut. Drawing and texture can be chosen at your discretion. But the lush young ladies should pay attention to the options oversight. In spite of their volume, they will not give additional dimensions to the figure, and in a pair with a correctly chosen bottom, on the contrary, will hide the existing shortcomings.

Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, long knit models that look like a dress will look great. But they are "shown" only to girls of medium and high stature.

As for the threads, the designers are unanimous - it must be natural materials so that you feel as comfortable as possible. But for such knitted things will have to pay a lot. In addition, they require particularly careful care. If you are counting on a thing of an average price category, choose mixed materials, their wear resistance is much higher, and maintenance is easier.

Stylish images

Do you need any special knowledge to create a beautiful image with a white sweater? Let's find out.

The main accent of such a thing, as already mentioned, is color, and also relief patterns and neck style. The latter can be represented by a stand-up collar, a collar, a usual round or V-shaped neckline, and also a mouth lowered onto one shoulder. Which one to choose depends solely on your desire and features of the figure.

For everyday bows suitable combination of light with contrasting dull shades - black, gray, brown, blue.But for special occasions when you want to look noticeably and “juicy”, white will work as an excellent base that will emphasize the brightness of yellow, red or green.

But remember that white can give the person some fatigue and make the unevenness of the problem skin more noticeable. In this case, it is better to choose shades that are closer in tone to the milk or cream. Stylists recommend selecting them to match the teeth and whites of the eyes.

Now let's see, with what to combine a knitted thing?


A strict working image, consisting of a pencil skirt and a high heel shoe, can be softened a little with a white-fitting jumper. For romantic encounters, a skirt in lightweight, flying fabric, a loose-fitting sweater and ankle boots are suitable. But young girls can afford a playful flared sun and a jumper in tight, complementing all the sports shoes - sneakers or moccasins.

Another option for bold ladies with a perfect figure is the shortened style of the sweater. But choosing it, a couple should pick up a midi skirt length.

If for some reason you decide to abandon the skirts, the white top can be a pair to a sundress. Only in this case it should not be too voluminous.

Jeans and leggings

Special attention should be given to models of large binding, they are recommended to be worn with skinny. But that the top was not too overloaded, there must be a heel.

For those who love boyfriends and warmth, you can pick up a sweater, which is worn over the shirt and comfortable lofers.

Many people think that leather leggings are too vulgar. But picking up for them a chic cashmere sweater, a wide-brimmed hat and adding this ensemble shoes with heels and pearls of pearls, you will turn into a real, elegant queen of the evening.


Only narrowed. They are required to emphasize the shape of your body, and the jumper will be a decent frame. In addition, with fitting trousers, you can allow yourself to wear both short and long models. If you want to emphasize the waistline, take a thin belt.

As an exception, you can choose a wide, similar to the men's pants, which will look stylish with the top of rough mating with three-dimensional braids.

A white sweater is a great base thing for a women's wardrobe, which will become the basis for a large number of fashionable and beautiful bows. Be in trend!

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