How To Wear White Linen Pants

Since flax is heavily wrinkled, wear outfits from it should be neat. Before each release, they must be carefully ironed with steam. So you can get rid of even small folds. In addition, it is recommended to give preference to products from dense flax. They hold their shape better and practically do not wrinkle.
Straight white linen pants are the most versatile. They go most of the fair sex. In addition, they obviously like the lovers of the classics - models with arrows boldly put on both in the office and on a walk with friends. They are perfectly combined with white blouses, strict beige jackets, monophonic or color tops.
In general, white is considered a universal color, so it will look good with blue, green, pink, bright orange, brown, beige. There is no need to pick up things from the same fabric. On the contrary, you can play on the contrast and give preference to dresses made of silk, cotton or chiffon.
White flax trousers are narrowed to the bottom at the crown of fashion this season.However, wearing them is recommended only for long-legged slender girls. But flaxen pants free cut well hide some flaws figure and fit the full young ladies.
Best of all, the image with white linen trousers will complement the sandals with high heels or wedges. Some models of open-toed shoes, flip-flops or ballet flats will do, although the last two options are considered controversial.
If you want to create an image in a marine style, then pick up a dark blue or red jacket, striped top, various accessories with anchors, boats, shells or sea horses to your pants. A silk scarf will match the look.
To create an elegant look, it is recommended that white linen trousers be selected in the same color and complemented with gold accessories.

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