How to weave ribbons?

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How to weave ribbons?

Do you know what beautiful things you can weave from the usual narrow satin ribbons? These can be various decorations, decorative items for the interior and just cute things that can be presented as a gift to a friend. First, let's talk in more detail about the most popular jewelry of ribbons - about baubles, because many girls and girls are often interested in them.

How to weave baubles ribbons: options

Baubles can be made of ribbons in different ways, you can even come up with your own, there are no restrictions for fantasy. In the meantime, consider the most popular ways of making baubles from satin ribbons.

Method number 1

This is the easiest and fastest option to get a beautiful bauble. We need one strong satin ribbon (the width of the ribbon will be equal to the width of the future bauble) and large beads that coincide in diameter with the width of the ribbon. Take a needle with a strong thread, move a few centimeters from the edge of the ribbon (this will be a tie), then fold a small flat loop of ribbon from the front side and pierce it in the middle with a needle.Then you need to thread the needle into the bead, make the same flat loop again and pierce it in the middle. You should have a bead framed on both sides with neat, identical eyelets. Now string a new bead, again

form a loop, pierce it in the middle, and do so until the bauble is the right length. As a result, when viewed from the side, the ribbon will wriggle in even waves, and the beads will decorate it evenly. As you understand, the thread for such a bauble should be used very strong. Bauble should end on an eyelet, after that the thread should be very well fastened, pull back a little in order to leave a stitch, and cut off the excess. Fenichka is ready!

In this bauble, the beads will be only on the outside, but you can place an extra row on the inside, then it turns out that the ribbon will wriggle a snake between two rows of beads.

Method number 2

And now we will consider a method how to weave a simple bauble with two ribbons. If you quickly understand how such a bauble is woven, its production will take no more than a few minutes.

For work, take two tapes of 1 m. Each.Ribbons should be two different, but matching colors. Take the first ribbon by the edge, make a small loop from it, wrap this loop with the second ribbon and tie a knot. Now make a loop from the second ribbon and thread it into the loop from the first ribbon. Then the loop from the first tape should be slightly tightened, reducing it. Now we have a free loop from the second tape, so we make a loop from the first tape and thread it into this free loop. Tighten again. Thus, forming loops of ribbons and threading them through each other, you can quickly weave a bauble. Weave it in such a way until the broom is the right length. After this loop you need to tie each other, leave a little for the strings and cut off the excess ribbons.

Method number 3

Also from the ribbons you can weave square baubles. This will require four tapes of 5-7 mm. 2 meters each. Tapes are better to take different, but well-matched colors. Instead of four, you can take two ribbons and start weaving from the middle. In this case, the tape should be twice as long, that is, 4 m each.

It is necessary to retreat 15 cm from the beginning of each ribbon and tie into a common knot.After this tape must be straightened in four directions: left, right, up and down. Now you need to weave according to this scheme:

  1. The tape that is at the top, you need to fold in a downward direction, leaving a small loop.
  2. Then this tape must be blocked on top of the one on the right, that is, bend it from right to left, placing it on top of the tape.
  3. Then you need to block the tape, which was bent from right to left. To do this, bend the tape, which is at the bottom, up, overlapping the desired tape.
  4. Now it remains to bend the tape, which is located on the left, right. Bending it, you need to push it into the loop formed by the first tape.
  5. Tighten all ribbons carefully. The result should be a small neat little square.

This algorithm must be repeated until the bauble reaches the desired length. No need to tighten the tape too much, so as not to spoil the shape. Fenichka get square and bulk. At the end, simply tie all the ribbons in one knot, leave a little for the strings, and cut off the excess. To wear and store such a bauble you need to carefully, as it may lose its shape. You can slightly twist it in a weak spiral and wear it in such a way - it will look original.

Method number 4

Now consider how to weave round strong bracelets out of ribbons.This is done very simply. We need two tapes 2-2.5 m long each, or 4 tapes 1.5 m long. If these are four tapes, they should be tied into a common knot, retreating 10 cm for stitches, if two, fold a cross -crossed in the middle and fasten the junction pin.

  1. The tape, which is located at the top, must be bent in the form of a loop at the top, and overlap with it the tape on the left.
  2. Now the tape, which is on the left, also needs to be bent in the form of a loop on the left. It should be perpendicular to the loop on the right. Then it should be placed on top of the tape, which is below.
  3. Then the tape, which is at the bottom, needs to be bent, forming a loop, located at the bottom, and block the tape with it on the right.
  4. It remains to tape, which is on the right, also bend in the form of a loop located on the right, cut off the tape with it at the top and hold it into the very first loop.
  5. The result should be four flat loops overlapping each other. When all the tapes are properly positioned, the loops must be tightened first, carefully and then tightly. The tighter the resulting knot, the better.

Repeat this algorithm until the bauble is the right length. Then it will remain to make a strong nodule, leave a little for the strings and cut off the excess.

Of course, weaving of ribbons is their most popular use, most often weaving is used to make baubles and bracelets. You can also make woven necklaces from ribbons. They are made in the same way as baubles, the only difference is that the necklaces should be longer, so they use longer ribbons for them. Also, woven in this way, ribbons can be turned into beautiful headbands - for this it is better to use strong methods of weaving. Even beautifully woven strips of ribbons can be glued to jewelry and hair accessories, for example, on the hair band. Now you know how to weave from ribbons and where such beauty can be used.

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