How to win a million

The most familiar way to winmillion- buy a lottery ticket. Of course, not everyone is lucky, but you shouldn’t get upset: if fortune smiled at your neighbor and colleague, what prevents her from giving one smile to you? However, do not overdo it in the difficult business of buying lottery tickets. Challenge fate rarely, but with feeling, sensibly, with an arrangement.
If you are confused by the prospect of messing around with paperwork, giving a very small chance for success, take it higher and go to television. There are many different competitions where you need to show erudition and ingenuity. Of course, in order to win these contests and leave with money (more precisely, with what remains after paying taxes), it is necessary to develop the above qualities in yourself every day. Watch the programs you have placed all your hopes on more often, watch people, read books and develop memory. If after all this you still manage to go through the qualifying round and get into the studio, then you are guaranteed success.
There are contests of a different order - creative. If you sing well, dance, if you have your own vocal-instrumental group, or you can easily assemble one from friends and acquaintances at hand, feel free to create and conquer this Olympus. Of course, you can’t get this fish out of the pond without difficulty, but you will agree, it is much more exciting than working every day without the hope of a beautiful life in the future.
However, no matter what path you choose, no matter how you decide to conquermillionYou do not forget about the field in which you are currently working. It can be arbitrarily difficult and boring, but we are not given to predict the future. Who knows, maybe the representatives of your profession will soon turn into inhabitants of the ruble? Wouldn't it be possible to say that you wonmillion, having thought at one time with his head and not all bridges having given up fires? And remember: winmillion- It is not only to catch a wad of money that has fallen from the sky. Your ownmillioncan be in love and happiness, and here no competition on television will help you, because everything is in your hands.
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If there is a big loading on one side, then it abruptly changes the line, and even displays the opposite end under the plug with the whole world, trying to equalize the balance. As a result, he has neither big wins nor losses.
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Playing "Oh, lucky man" is a great opportunity to test your knowledge, and of course win a million! In the new version of the online game "Who wants to be a millionaire?" In 2011, we prepared an updated database of interesting questions, and also made it possible to win not only virtual three million, but also real money.

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