I am writing to you: as Byron, Pushkin and Napoleon confessed in love

Now declarations of love come to us in the form of messages on the phone and on social networks. And once great people wrote real touching letters to hit their beloved.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais

The love story of Napoleon and Josephine was not easy. At the time of acquaintance with the future emperor of France, Josephine was already the widow of General Beauharnais. Many did not approve of her second marriage, but the woman did not care. True, it is not clear what led Josephine: Napoleon was poor, the prospects for career growth was not particularly, and she behaved very cold with her husband.

Relatives of Bonaparte were also against this union. Josephine was older than her spouse, had two children, and had a reputation as a socialite. But the 26-year-old Napoleon did not want to hear anything. He languished in passion and jealousy. Bonaparte showered Josephine with love letters, asking him to visit him in Italy, where he was with his troops. However, rumors of infidelity lover began to arise more often.Napoleon almost decided to divorce Josephine, but he could not. He loved this woman too much. And Josephine realized that she did not want to lose her husband.

Since then, she has become his faithful companion, support and inspiration. Bonaparte personally put a crown on his wife during his proclamation as emperor of France. The family idyll was broken only by the fact that Josephine could not give birth to an heir. Bonaparte fought to the last, but still gave way to relatives and filed for divorce. He married the Austrian princess Marie Louise, who presented him with a long-awaited son. However, until his death he could not forget his first wife. They say that the last words of the dying Napoleon were: "France, the army, the vanguard, Josephine."

Love letters of great people Napoleon and Josephine
Napoleon Bonaparte
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Love letters of great people Napoleon and Josephine
Josephine de Beauharnais
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“There was not a day for me not to love you; there was no night that I would not squeeze you in my arms. I do not drink a cup of tea, so as not to curse my pride and ambitions, which force me to stay away from you, my soul. In the midst of my service, standing at the head of the army or checking camps, I feel that my heart is occupied only by the beloved Josephine. It deprives me of my mind, fills my thoughts with it.

If I am moving away from you at the speed of the flow of the Rhone, it only means that I may see you soon. If I get up in the middle of the night to get a job, it’s because you can bring the moment back to you like that, my love. In your letter of 23 and 26 vantoza you refer to me on "You". "You"? Oh, shit! How could you write that? How cold it is! ..

…Josephine! Josephine! Do you remember what I once told you: nature rewarded me with a strong, unshakable soul. And she molded you out of lace and air. Have you stopped loving me? Forgive me, the love of my life, my soul is torn.

My heart that belongs to you is full of fear and longing ... It hurts me that you do not call me by name. I will wait for you to write it. Goodbye! Ah, if you stopped loving me, it means that you never loved me! And I will regret something! ”

George Gordon Byron and Carolina Lam

Their romance was a scandal. Caroline Lamb was not just a fan of Byron’s talent. She was a married woman whose passion passed all decent limits. After reading the poem "Pilgrimage of Childe Harold", Caroline wrote an anonymous letter in which she expressed her admiration for the poet's talent.However, this message remained unanswered, and the lady began to insist on a personal meeting with Byron. She persuaded her acquaintances, the Lord and Lady Holland, to help her. And the meeting took place. True, Byron and Lam did not like each other at all. He said that “she lacks that pleasant roundness, which elegance cannot replace,” and upset Caroline wrote in her diary that Byron is “an evil madman, with whom it is dangerous to deal.” However, during the second date, their opinions changed. And Lady Lam is finally gone.

She appeared everywhere where Lord Byron was spotted, came to him at night and often stayed until morning. She could pledge family jewels if he had no money, refused to dance, and accompanied the poet on any occasion. It is not surprising that such an obsessive love very soon tired of Byron. He repeatedly expelled her from the house, avoided all communication with her. Lady Caroline even tried to commit suicide - at one reception Lam took the knife and tried to cut the veins.

Then the suicide attempt threatened with the death penalty, but the lady managed to avoid it.But everyone turned away from her - her husband, though he did not divorce, asked her to leave the country, and the adored Byron simply did not want to hear anything about this woman. Lady Caroline gradually went crazy with passion for the poet and the impossibility of seeing her beloved man. But how beautiful Byron was courting and what words he wrote to his beloved.

Love letters of great people
Lord gordon byron
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Love letters of great people
Lady carolina lam
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My dear Carolina, if the tears that you saw and that, I know, I shouldn’t have shed, if not the excitement that filled me at the moment of parting with you, is the excitement that you should have felt during recent events; if all this had not begun even before your departure; if everything that I have said and done, and is still ready to say and do, has not proved sufficiently what my feelings are towards you, my love, then I have no other evidence for you.

God knows, never before that minute did I think that you, my love, my dear friend, can be so frantic. I can not express everything, now is not the time for words. But I will feel a sense of pride and get the sad pleasure of the suffering that you have experienced.And because you don't know me at all.

I am ready to leave, but with a heavy heart. After all, my appearance this evening will put an end to any absurd story that the events of this day could have spawned. Do you think now that I am cold, ruthless and self-willed? Will others think so? And your mother? Mother, to whom we must sacrifice much more, much more than she will ever know or imagine.

"I promise not to love you?" Ah, Caroline, these promises are in the past! But I will explain all the confessions properly and will never stop feeling all that you have already witnessed; even more than that — what my heart knows, and perhaps yours. May God forgive, protect and make you happy forever. Byron, the most loyal to you.

R.S. This is what your ridicule led to, my dear Carolina. Is there anything in heaven or on earth that could make me as happy as you once made me? And now, no less than then, but more than in the present tense.

God knows, I wish you happiness. Even if I leave you or you, out of a sense of duty towards my husband and mother, leave me, you will understand that I am telling the truth when I promise and swear that no person, no occupation will take in my heart the place that belongs and will be belong to you forever, until my death.You know, I would gladly give up everything here or even in the afterlife for your sake, can my motives really be misunderstood?

I don't care who knows about this and how it can be used - this is for you, only for you. I was yours and now I am yours, entirely, in order to obey, honor, love you and fly with you, when, where and how you please.

Catherine the Great and Grigory Potemkin

The relationship between the empress and Grigory Alexandrovich began when Potemkin was 34 years old. And despite the fact that Catherine the Great had an impressive list of favorites, Potemkin forever occupied an important place in it. She was not embarrassed by any difference in age or injury of the young man (Potemkin lost an eye). Preserved hundreds of love messages of Catherine and her favorite. These are mostly short notes, when for some reason they could not be alone during the day. The Empress thought up several dozens of tender nicknames for her beloved - “my dear darling”, “treasure”, “wolf”, “my dear toy” and “Grishefishenka”. Potemkin was more restrained in his letters and called Catherine just as “mother” and “sovereign”.

Only Catherine called him her “husband” and, it seems, really entered into a morganatic marriage with Grigory. According to rumors, Potemkin’s daughter Elizaveta Temkina is the heir to the empress. However, the man was not satisfied with the role of the secret spouse, and quarrels more and more often happened between the beloveds. It turned out that Gregory had achieved everything in his life and pined. He increasingly spent time with the cards, fell into melancholy, and even the rumors about the infidelity of her beloved Grishenka reached the empress. And as if Catherine did not want to continue this love story, she nevertheless sent Potemkin “to resign”. He left the palace, where he lived with the empress.

But the story of two close people is not over. Potemkin continued to remain the second person in the state after the empress. Even the emergence of new favorites did not greatly influence his position at court. Catherine trusted all important matters only to Gregory. And so it went on until his death.

Love letters of great people
Catherine II
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Love letters of great people
Grigory Potemkin
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My dear friend, Prince Grigory Alexandrovich. It is not for nothing that I love you and complained, you completely justify my choice and my opinion about you; you are not a braggart and you have done everythingassumptions, and the Caesarians learned the Turks to conquer; God helps and blesses you, you cover with glory, I send you a laurel crown that you deserve (but he is not ready yet); now, my friend, I beg you, do not arrogance, do not become arrogant, but show the light to the greatness of your soul, which in happiness is just as unreliable as it does not lose heart in failure. Il n’y a pas de douceur mon ami que je ne voudrais vous dire: Vous etes charmant d’avoir pris Benders sans qu’il ay couy un seul homme.

Diligence and your labor would be increased in me thanks, if it had not already been such that it can no longer increase. I ask God to strengthen your strength; I was very worried about your illness, but, not having more than two weeks from you, I thought that I was busy with Bender or started peace negotiations. Now I see that my guess was not without reason. I will impatiently expect the arrival of Popov; Be sure that I will do everything for your entrusted army of the generals, which is only possible, evenly for the troops: they deserve their labors and zeal. As a promised note on the royal rewards, I will receive, I will also tell you my opinion.

Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova

All schoolchildren know this love story from the time of literature lessons. Pushkin at the time of matchmaking was not only a famous poet, but also a well-known ladies' man.It is not surprising that when Alexander Sergeevich for the first time asked for Natalia's hands, her mother refused, referring to her young age. Pushkin was very upset, went to the Caucasus, where he participated in battles and, of course, wrote poems.

The feeling is not cold in separation, and the poet makes another attempt - this time successful. The lovers were married, the young bride was not frightened either by the groom's reputation or by a bad omen: during the ceremony Pushkin dropped the ring and the cross. The newlyweds moved to St. Petersburg, where they spent a lot of time together. The poet trusted his wife, and Natalia did not seek to stain the honor of a famous husband.

However, the tragedy did happen. She came to life in Pushkin and Goncharova in the face of the Frenchman Georges Charles Dantes. Researchers are still arguing whether Dantes really didn’t give way to Natalia, or Pushkin was just jealous of his wife's sweetheart for his brother-in-law (Dantes married his sister Natalia Ekaterina). The poet called the opponent to a duel. As it turned out, fatal. In 1837, the life of Alexander Sergeevich was cut short, and with it the story of his love.

Love letters of great people
Alexander Pushkin
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Love letters of great people
Natalia Goncharova
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Today is the anniversary of the day when I first saw you; this day in my life. The more I think, the more convinced I am that my existence cannot be separated from yours: I am created in order to love you and follow you; All my other concerns are one delusion and madness.

Far from me, I am haunted by regrets of happiness, which I did not have time to enjoy. Sooner or later, however, I will have to drop everything and fall at your feet. The thought of the day when I manage to have a piece of land in ... alone smiles at me and enlivens me in the midst of heavy longing. There I can wander around your house, meet you, follow you ...

Ludwig van Beethoven and Juliet Guicciardi

The hearts of people today are touched not only by the brilliant works of the composer, but also by his love letters. Beethoven in his epistles never called his “immortal lover” name, but scientists believe that this nickname hides Juliette Gvichchardi. She was his student and returned the taste of life to the composer. It was to her that he dedicated his “Moon Sonata”. Beethoven even wanted to marry, but his dreams did not come true.Both the noble lineage of the girl and her new novel prevented. Despite the fact that for some time Juliet seemed to respond blessedly to her teacher, she soon became fascinated by Count Robert von Gallenberg. Robert also studied music, and young Juliet decided that he was extraordinarily talented. Beethoven deeply wounded her words, and he refused to continue to communicate with her lover.

The girl married, moved to Italy, gave birth to children. Once she even turned to Beethoven for financial help. And, according to rumors, even wanted to improve their relationship. But the musician remained unmoved.

However, after the death of Beethoven in the drawer of his desk, a letter was found that was addressed to the “immortal lover”. It seems that the composer, until the end of his days, could not forget this love.

Love letters of great people
Ludwig van Beethoven
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Love letters of great people
Juliet Guicciardi
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Even in bed, my thoughts fly to you, Immortal My Love! I am embraced by joy and sadness in anticipation of what fate is preparing for us. I can either live with you or not live at all. Yes, I decided to wander away from you until then, until I was able to fly and throw myself into your arms, feel you completely and enjoy this bliss. That is how it should be.You will agree to this, because you do not doubt my loyalty to you; never another will take possession of my heart, never, never. Oh, God, why part with the fact that you love so much!

The life I lead now in V. is hard. Your love makes me at the same time the happiest and most unhappy person. In my years, some monotony, sustainability of life is required, and are they possible with our relations? My angel, now I just found out that the mail is leaving every day, I have to finish so that you get a letter soon. Be calm; be calm, love me always. What a passionate desire to see you! You are my Life - my All is goodbye. Love me as before - never doubt the loyalty of your beloved A. Forever yours, Forever mine, Forever we are ours.

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