a guest13.10.16 13:34

I can not wear heels

Hello, Anastasia,

Can't wear heels. High heel for me - torture. For many years she ran on his heels, now I can’t even bring myself to try on such shoes. I feel terrible about myself, but I want to look stylish and elegant. Sometimes without heels can not do. Can you advise which shoes in low speed can be matched to dresses, skirts and office pants?



One of the main trends of this and the upcoming season is an average heel. He is not as aggressively sexy as tall, but very elegant and feminine. In addition, it is very physiological for the correct current of venous blood, so the feet in shoes with low heels will not hurt, if there are no orthopedic problems. Fashionable moccasins, loafers, sleepers on an average heel will decorate any office outfit. For the cold season, boots, half boots, chelsea on an average heel are perfect for the street.

If you can’t wear heels at all, give preference to oxfords, brogues,loafers on a flat course or on a platform currently relevant.

a guest14.10.16 14:48

What a beauty!!! Especially beige!

Yes, very original.

I, too, since my youthful years can not stand heels, I hardly made myself wear them to the graduation party! Fortunately, now fashion and trends allow you to wear flat shoes or on a small platform.

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