I saw a storm in a dream - what does it mean?

Why dream of a storm - such a dream symbolizes feelings because of love relationships or problems at work. More detailed interpretations are offered by popular dream books.

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Why dream of a storm
Why dream of a storm

English dream book

The storm is considered an unfavorable sign. If the storm dreamed of a man in love with a woman - he would have to compete for her attention with other men, but ultimately his chosen one will remain with him. Also, the storm foreshadows intrigue, gossip at work, you will try to survive from the team.

Psychological dream book

A storm in a dream foreshadows an offensive in the life of a difficult period. An emergency will arise at work, you will have to make a lot of effort to prove your worth as an employee. Conflicts can also arise in family life - jealousy, resentment, misunderstanding with a partner. This period will not be easy for your marriage.

Universal dream book

Seen storm warns you of impending danger, however, you will be able to avoid it, if you are careful.To see a storm, but to be far away from it - meet a person you can trust.

Watch as the storm gradually subsides - to resolve controversial issues in your favor. If in a dream you are trying to escape from the storm - in reality you have got a strong opponent who you secretly fear.

Modern dream book

According to the dream book, the storm foreshadows trials in all spheres of life. To be in the center of the storm - a close person will hurt you, but after a while you will make peace. Seeing the element of the hurricane played out - such a dream is a dream to poor health or a change of place of residence.

I dreamed how the storm ruined everything around - trouble will happen that will affect your family. Suffer from a storm in a dream - problems await you at work.

Dream Grishin

The storm you see says that soon those who have power will harm you.

Esoteric dream book

To suffer from the storm - a close person will upset you, to see a storm with thunder and lightning - you will be drawn into a scam and you will lose a lot of money. Also, the storm dreams of parting with a loved one, married people, such a vision foreshadows a divorce.A storm can be a reflection of your experiences with your inner world - you are dissatisfied with your character, you would like to get rid of certain features. Perhaps you are trying to become a more organized person, but something is stopping you all the time. Do not stop trying, and your efforts will surely be crowned with success.

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