"I was crying": the top model showed a real photo of the body after childbirth

Chrissy Teigen admitted that she was very worried about how her figure had changed.

The famous 32-year-old supermodel gave birth to a son just two months ago. And so she decided to show the fans her “new body” in an unvarnished bikini.

Chrissy teigen
Photo: Legion-media.ru

Yes, the perfect skin and flawless figure of Chrissy were replaced by irregularities, stretch marks, a bulging tummy. But this is the case with all young mothers! Krissy, for whom this is already the second child, knows this firsthand.

“Instagram is a big hoax,” Teigen says. “Some people have really suicidal bodies (in a good sense of the word), and they are proud of it, but for most people this is not the case. And I will not say that I like my body and I am confident in myself. This is not true! I’ll just be glad if someone sees this photo and realizes that we are all ordinary people. ”

This is how Chrissie Teigen looked before

Chrissy teigen
Photo: Getty Images
Chrissy teigen
Photo: Getty Images

By the way, after the birth of the first child - the daughter of the moon - Chrissy came in shape surprisingly quickly. Just three months later, the model has already demonstrated a slim figure in social networks. But it just seemed to be from the outside.

“There were times when I sobbed and screamed at John (John Legend - Teigen’s husband) that I would never have a body,” she admitted. “Everyone now has an elastic butt, beautiful curves, a thin waist, but I don’t.”

But Teigen's colleague, Candice Swanepoel, made a real tantrum after her paparazzi captured her after giving birth on the beach. Young mom blamed others for being cruel for daring to comment on her appearance.

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