If you are diagnosed with fibromyoma

Fibromyoma is one of the most common gynecological diseases in the world. It is characterized by a benign proliferation of cells in the uterine muscle layer. There may be several reasons for the development of fibromyoma of the uterus, but the main concern is hormonal imbalance, which can be caused by stress, chronic diseases, the use of hormonal drugs to prevent pregnancy, and other deviations in a woman’s health.
In some cases, with the onset of the climacteric period, myoma nodes may decrease in size and even resolve completely. And pregnancy, on the contrary, contributes to an increase in nodes - this bears a certain threat to the woman and the fetus - uterine bleeding can open during childbirth, placenta detachment can also occur prematurely, which is no less dangerous for the fetus and mother.
Depending on the location of the myoma node, the symptoms of fibroids can be different.If the knot presses on the pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity, a woman may experience severe abdominal pain. If the node is located in the submucosal layer of the uterus, uterine bleeding, headaches, and anemia are possible. In most cases, fibromyoma does not manifest itself and is detected by accidental examination by a gynecologist or an abdominal ultrasound. If fibromyoma is suspected, the doctor should prescribe additional research to clarify the nature of the education.
The main treatment for fibroids is hormone therapy. Depending on the clinical picture, the size of the tumor and the complaints of the woman, the issue of surgery to remove the myoma node is resolved. However, in most cases for a long time it is possible to carry out conservative treatment, under the constant control of the growth of fibroids. In the treatment, a special place is occupied by a special hormonal coil, which is introduced into the uterus for a long time and during this time has a local effect on the myoma node. In parallel, in agreement with the doctor, traditional medicine methods have been successfully used: propolis tincture and herbal medicine have good efficacy. Oriental medicine treats fibroids by acupuncture, yoga, therapeutic exercises.
When fibromyoma can not sunbathe and visit the solarium - it stimulates tumor growth; banned biogenic stimulants and vitamin D; hot baths and warming physiotherapy - they can cause uterine bleeding, so they should also be avoided.
In each case, the treatment of fibroids should be individual and complex - only in this case, serious complications can be avoided.

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