In all its glory: Daria Melnikova showed "pregnant" photo

Following Regina Todorenko and Irena Ponaroshku, the actress declassified her position.

Congratulations on the upcoming replenishment of the Dasha family began in early August, and even at the end of July. Fans are astute people, their tenacious well-trained eye cannot be fooled. No wonder that their favorite began to wear exclusively overseas. And the full-length photo has become noticeably smaller. In addition, the first child of Dasha and her husband, Arthur Smolyaninova, is about to be three years old, it would be time for the second one. Apparently, the spouses themselves somehow thought so. Daria finally admitted: yes, there will be a second baby soon.

Is Daria will give birth in the suburbs?
Photo: @melnikovadsh

“A big crocodile walked the streets,” the actress signed with irony.

Big, of course, you will not call her, here Dasha has flattered herself. It does not seem that pregnancy somehow reflected in the figure of a 26-year-old girl - well, except for the abdomen. The features of the face remained the same chiseled, the legs were slender, the fingers were thin. Everyone would like that.

Photos from which it all started. Pregnancy subscribers saw on it
Photo: @melnikovadsh

The actress did not disclose any details: when will the baby, who are waiting. However, subscribers were not surprised. In Daria’s microblog, there are rarely any personal items that appear - neither you nor your husband, nor the endless photos of your son, nor “see what we bought home.” Even very little is known about the first child - the boy was named Arthur, like the father, he goes to the kindergarten and already learns English. On this, perhaps, everything. The exception was the romantic photo session with her husband, which Dasha still shared. That's what the fans were surprised!

Recall Daria Melnikova and Arthur Smolyaninov got married in 2013. Their firstborn was born two years after the wedding. At the time of the marriage, the actors had been familiar for quite some time, but the novel began only after working together in the series “Heterous Major Sokolov”. Noisy celebrations did not suit: everything was quiet and almost secret.

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