In Kiev, responded to the refusal of Russia to participate in Eurovision

Yesterday it became known that Yulia Samoilov would not be allowed to the competition anyway.

This story is more and more like some kind of farce. It was worth Russia to name the name of the participant from our country, as the Security Service of Ukraine prohibited Yulia Samoilova from entering her territory for three whole years. The reason for this was some unknown statements by the artist about politics (which Yulia does not know about) and the fact that one day the singer performed in the Crimea.

Photo: Channel One

The European Broadcasting Union fought as best it could for the right of Russians to be on the same stage with all the participants, but, alas, in vain. Julia was supported in social networks, they even launched a special flash mob, Ukrainian artists called on the authorities to come to their senses. This is a competition. There are people singing, not fighting.

Yesterday, Channel One received a disappointing letter from the EBU. Julia will not be allowed. In response, Russian TV reporters stated that in the current situation they consider it impossible to broadcast �Eurovision 2017�, which is quite logical.

And then, after waiting a day, Kiev reacted.An official letter appeared on the National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine with accusations against our country.

�The National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, as a broadcaster and organizer of the international song contest Eurovision-2017, officially announced to the European Broadcasting Union that the Security Service of Ukraine has banned participants from the Russian Federation from entering the territory of Ukraine from the Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova.

Respecting the desire of the EMU to ensure participation in the song contest of representatives from 43 countries, maintaining the traditional spirit of �Eurovision�, the Ukrainian side has repeatedly offered the Russian Federation to send a participant to Kiev who did not violate Ukrainian legislation. However, the Russian side left its decision unchanged.

The First Channel�s refusal to broadcast Eurovision proves that, despite the declared respect for the fundamental values of Eurovision, the key of which are mutual respect and non-political, the Russian side�s purpose was not to participate in the competition but to create a negative information atmosphere of the contest, �the statement reads.

That is, it turns out that we specifically chose an actress who �compromised� herself, refused to replace her, raised a fuss - and all in order to think about the contest in Kiev badly ... Comrades, did you not get around anything?

The only person who suffered in this situation is Yulia Samoilova. But she will certainly represent our country at Eurovision next year.

April 14, 2017Alesya Kuzmina

... the boring party is sharpened for the Poles and the Baltic. In the sixth with all the intrigues, AVVA and others were shining there. And now?

But the girls from gum have been everywhere. In the Crimea and in Kiev. Somehow everything in Ukraine is selective. Unclear

a guest19.04.17 12:37

and this is not your business whom I want to let

a guest19.04.17 19:04

It is a pity that we are looking for a catch in everything, because if she came and sang, if not the first place, but participation, who would have prevented it. As far as I remember, Ukrainians have always been distinguished by hospitality and a good meal.

initially it was necessary to refuse, it would be better to give this money to orphanages ...

a guest17.04.17 09:30

Ahead of the World Cup .... As if the Ukrainians do not fly

a guest19.04.17 16:45
a guest19.04.17 17:49

�In 2009, when Moscow hosted Eurovision, a scandal flared up with the participant�s failure to enter the contest. Then the initiator was Russia itself, which did not like the words of the song.

Then the Georgian band "Stephan and 3G" was forbidden to perform with the song "We don'T Wanna Put In". This was done by the European Broadcasting Union after it was declared in Russia that this song has political overtones.

It should be noted that all these events occurred after the military aggression of Russia against Georgia in Abkhazia and South Ossetia in August 2008. "....... Russia and Russians have already forgotten themselves .... But now all the bile is poured towards Ukraine ....

a guest20.04.17 21:59

What is Russia's aggression? With exactly the opposite.

a guest19.04.17 18:15

It was as if it was not a provocation from the very beginning - they chose a disabled person, so that in case anything happens, throw mud at Ukraine for �intolerance�. And this is a country in which the word "tolerance" is perceived worse than port abuse. By the way, one could search for a person who can speak English, or even declare a song in Russian. Balagan, however

a guest21.04.17 17:44

Totally agree with your opinion on participation in the competition. Initially, it was not necessary to do this. Wasn�t there other singers in Russia? I am not against this girl, but the "clever men" wanted to dishonor Ukraine, but disgraced our Country. A SHAME!!!

a guest20.04.17 09:35

That is, it turns out that we specifically chose an artist who �compromised� herself,refused to replace it, raised a fuss - and all for the sake of thinking badly about the competition in Kiev ... Comrades, have you not lured anything?

Everything is exactly like that, a person with brains in his head, and not cotton, will understand this immediately.

Julia is the best, and so Ukraine was frightened by our girl that she will definitely win! Go Russia! We lived and will live without Eurovision! Back to USSR!

Alas, but he has long been a rotten competition, there really is not a talented participant to get through.

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