In the footsteps of Volochkova: Shake shocked her microbikini

Russian supermodel went on vacation to Italy with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper. On the beach, a star appeared in a tiny and very frank swimsuit.

Irina Shayk is famous not only for her luxurious forms, but also for her lack of shyness. For the sake of an advertising contract, she is ready to fully strip! However, as it turned out, Shayk outfits can be no less seductive during off-duty hours. Paparazzi caught Irina and Bradley Cooper while relaxing on Lake Garda in Italy. In the pictures, the model appeared in a bit strange, but with this sensual image. It seems that Irina drew inspiration from the beach images of Anastasia Volochkova!

For sunbathing, Irina Shayk chose a very small black separate swimsuit, in which she looked practically naked. It seems that the supermodel has missed a little with the size: both the panties and the bra were obviously not designed for such impressive forms.Completing the extravagant beach bow was a self-made foil turban cap in which Shake looked like a city lunatic.

However, the model’s boyfriend looked less interested in her appearance: he buried himself in his tablet and paid little attention to the outside world.

July 18, 2016Lisa raven
a guest18.07.16 11:41

But the aliens will not read thoughts, foil hats are our everything!

Ahaha! Rzhunemagu

a guest18.07.16 13:49

I am always amazed how much clothing the perspective of light can influence the impression of a figure

a guest18.07.16 14:42

Tin! Perspective is so unfortunate. Looks like an aunt on the beach from the distant 50-70s of the twentieth century.

a guest18.07.16 14:53

I sit and consider her position. Et how she dodged that it is not clear where her eternity is a coward .., sorry Mua, the lower fragment of her "microbikini." Or a piece of black cloth on the sirloin, is it not at all an element of microbikini? Somehow it is all incomprehensible located on the masterpiece of photographic art. Or nadat in some special way to expand your own head off, to understand where it’s priest, where the horseback and fse rest.

a guest18.07.16 22:49

Everything is very good for her !!!!!

a guest18.07.16 15:10

and the cap is for the aliens not to read thoughts?

a guest19.07.16 03:29

This is an imitation of the famous singer from St. Petersburg.

a guest18.07.16 16:16

Shake is gorgeous in any clothes and in all circumstances !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a guest18.07.16 16:38

Gentlemen, there are no models of ugly, but there are nekudyshnye photographers sitting either in the bushes or in a tree under the fence waiting for the next bread snapshot! And Shake is beautiful! Everyone in the gym !!!!

a guest18.07.16 22:01

Yes, this is her while in the gym and on a hunger strike. Has grown fat

a guest18.07.16 19:38

Anyone who writes about swine is not far away. Look chiseled figure, beauty!

a guest18.07.16 22:01

No hints of accuracy, let's be sober and objective.

a guest19.07.16 03:27

You need to increase the diopter in glasses, yours distort reality.

a guest18.07.16 22:00

Oh, yes she's fat ...

a guest18.07.16 22:37

Extremely not sexy! Sex not only did not exist in the USSR, but also in Russia. And in general, how many photos of these old carklygs can be shown!

a guest19.07.16 03:24

Amazing It turns out that there is no sex in Russia. I wonder how our children are born. Is the immaculate conception really?

a guest19.07.16 09:09

Sex and conceiving children are not exactly the same thing. Try to conceive a child in posture 69 for example.

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