Inflammation of the lungs: treatment of folk remedies


Treatment of pneumonia folk remedies in adults

  1. If the patient has no temperature, then you can put him a ban. They should be placed on the chest and back. The procedure must be repeated twice a day, with a duration of 15 minutes.
  2. If the patient began to rise in body temperature, you should wipe it abundantly with a weak acetic solution. Soon the temperature begins to subside.
  3. For the treatment of pneumonia folk remedies is widely popular - cumin. Three teaspoons of cumin must be steamed with one glass of boiling water. Cumin should be brewed for approximately one hour. An hour later, the infusion must be filtered. Take tincture every hour for five grams.
  4. Another recipe known from traditional medicine - twenty grams of herbs oregano per cup of boiling water. Insist oregano need about thirty minutes. A glass of infusion need to drink in three steps. Take fifteen minutes before meals.This preparation is strictly prohibited for pregnant.
  5. The following recipe - a hundred grams of warm boiled water you will need fifty grams of honey and finely chopped aloe leaf. Mix honey and aloe and add to a glass of water, the resulting should be cooked over low heat for an hour and a half. It is necessary to accept in a cooled kind on ten grams four times a day. It is advisable to keep the decoction in the refrigerator.
  6. With symptoms of pneumonia every morning, be sure to take ten grams of olive oil on an empty stomach. In thirty minutes you can have breakfast.
  7. Honey perfectly helps in the treatment of pneumonia in children. One hundred grams of warm water to dissolve five grams of honey. Excessive drinking of this infusion will give a positive result, since honey has an anti-inflammatory effect, and soon cough disappears.
  8. Beer and medunitsa help cope with discomfort. One liter of beer you need to pour twenty grams of leaves of lungwort. Add twenty grams of honey and simmer for thirty minutes. It is recommended to take ten grams three times a day twenty minutes before meals. You can drink with warm water.
  9. Appeal to herbal broth, will give a quick result. You will need fresh dill, aniseed fruit and pine buds. Herbs mix in equal quantities. For two glasses you will need thirty grams of herbal mixture. Pour over the herbal mixture with cooled boiled water and cook over high heat. Broth should be brought to a boil. Two glasses of broth you should drink for three doses per day. It is necessary to take half an hour before meals.

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