Instead of a swimsuit: Natasha Koroleva swims in a mermaid costume

The singer made fun of an unusual video.

Natasha Koroleva will always find something to hit her fans. Her unrestrained imagination and hot temperament make the singer come up with all the new images. Or ... remember the old ones. The main mermaid of the Russian pop music has decided to ponder over their popularly favorite hit and try on a real mermaid costume.

“I was presented with a mermaid tail, and I decided to conduct an experiment,” the Queen said to her subscribers. And showed the video, as she swims in the sea in this unusual bathing outfit.

Natalia's followers laughed heartily, appreciating the singer's creativity and courage. Although fans are no longer accustomed to the fact that even a casual artist can easily transform into something extraordinary. But fans are glad that this riot of colors brings positive emotions.

After all, even Natasha's everyday outfits can be inspired endlessly.In her wardrobe there are a lot of really cheerful things, starting from a sundress in white peas and ending with a dress with large bright sunflowers. Whatever style the singer chooses, strict or deliberately feminine, each time she complements him with something out of the ordinary. These can be boots with neon inserts, a sweatshirt with a cartoon character, a colorful fur collar or a scarf with a spectacular pattern.

And the Queen loves the seductive and hypertensive outfits. She was often seen in a sexy black dress with transparent details and a deep neckline or blouse with romantic frills. The star knows perfectly how to emphasize the dignity of his figure.

We chose the most interesting and unusual images of Natasha Koroleva.

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