Instead of cottage cheese and kefir: alternative sources of Calcium

The child’s daily calcium requirement depends on age.:

1-6 months 400 mg
1-5 years 600 mg
6-10 years 800-1200 mg
11-18 years 1200-1500 mg

For babies from birth to 1.5 yearsThe best source of calcium is breast milk. However, the mother can not provide the inflow of vitamin D3 necessary for calcium absorption, and therefore this vitamin is prescribed for prophylactic purposes. The same kids who are older - you need to eat the necessary amount of foods containing calcium (more on this below) and more often go to the sun. Walking in the fresh air helps to normalize the metabolism, moreover, vitamin D2 (naturally) is synthesized in the skin under the influence of sunlight.

Often children do not like cottage cheese, kefir or milk.It is considered that these products contain the greatest amount of calcium. My daughter is no exception: if I manage to slip her milk or kefir, then she immediately spits it out and cleans the tongue with her fingers. And funny and scary.It was, until I found very useful information! I rather share it with you.

It's timedispel the myth of sour-milk products.

Products-record holders for calcium content are:

Mack - 1450 g per 100 g of product

Parmesan cheese - 1300 grams per 100 grams of product

Hard cheeses - 1000 gr per 100 g of product

Sesame - 780 grams per 100 grams of product

Calcium is extremely important for the child's body (as well as for an adult).

Lack of calcium can lead tothe development of such a disease as rickets, occurring in violation of bone formation and insufficiency of their mineralization.

The manifestations of rickets include:

Slow teething process and a longer period of closing the fontan
Flat bones of a skull are softened, the nape flattens; in the region of the parietal and frontal cusps, overlays are formed ("square head", "Socrates forehead").
Deformed facial skull (saddle nose, high gothic sky).
The lower limbs are bent, the pelvis can be deformed ("a flat basin").
The shape of the chest changes ("chicken breast").
Observed sleep disorders, sweating, irritability.

With calcium deficiency in the body, there is a slowdown in the growth of the baby.The child may begin to get sick more often, since calcium is necessary for the development of the immune system of the body. With a lack of calcium, a child may experience general muscular weakness, because it is he who plays an important role in the process of muscle contraction. Did you know that calcium is a factor in the blood coagulation system? I think that no one needs to be convinced of the importance of calcium for the rapidly growing body of a child.

Let's go back to vitamin D.Natural Sources of Vitamin Dare parsley and nettle, egg yolk and fish oil, caviar, cheese, dairy products and butter. However, the content of vitamin D even in these products is small, and in the not sunny time of the year it is recommended to give the child this vitamin for prophylactic purposes (consult your doctor; the pediatrician prescribes Vigantol drops all the time (oily solution D3 is easier to digest)

Special attention to products containing calcium in large quantities should be paid in the summer and during holidays in hot countries.The fact is that when a baby is in the sun, then in its body under the action of the sun's rays there is an increasingly intensive formation of vitamin D in a natural way (at the time of tanning).

If the child is in the hot sun or gets scattered sunlight, mom or dad gave the child recommended drops D3, and calcium in the blood is not enough (there was no influx from food), calcium begins to "wash out" of the bones and is transferred to other organs and tissues (arteries, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc.) are nothing but a process of ossification.

The topic chosen by us today is very important, but not all pediatricians in polyclinics find time to tell all this to their young parents. Be careful to your child's diet, do not exceed the norms prescribed for the consumption of vitamins. More walk with the baby. And everything will be fine!

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