Interesting features of the Chinese diet

Most Chinese women look tiny and fragile. Nature has endowed them with refined features and made it possible to eat special foods, which in themselves contribute to the normal functioning of the body and its general health.

But the Chinese, like everyone else, know firsthand what fast food is and often like to feast on them. But to bring their body in order helps them the most popular among the representatives of this nation, the diet, which became known as the Chinese.

Minimum calories - maximum results

Dietary methods based on the nutrition of Asians, based on the use of a minimum amount of salt, as well as products that contain as few calories as possible. Products of animal origin will have to be completely abandoned. These rules explain the effectiveness of such a diet to combat excess centimeters. The total number of calories consumed per day should be no more than 1000.

Before you start a new food system, you need to prepare your body. It will take 5-6 days, during which it is necessary to drink 2 glasses of pure water every morning after sleeping and before eating. Thus, you will help clean the intestines, resulting in beneficial substances will be better and faster to digest.

The duration of this type of diet, as a rule, is 2-3 weeks. For the first 14 days you will be able to quickly get rid of extra pounds, and another 7 days will be needed to consolidate the result, as well as a gradual transition to a conventional power system.

Basic postulates - the key to a beautiful body and a healthy body

For all the time of the Asian diet, you can quickly get rid of 13-15 kg. All this is possible thanks to a balanced and well-thought-out product combination system:

  1. By refusing salt, sugar, and flour and smoked, you can significantly reduce blood sugar, thereby protecting yourself from disease and significantly increasing the body's resistance to various viruses and bacteria.
  2. The main set of products - vegetables, fruits and cereals, which contain fiber, will be the main assistants for losing weight in the shortest possible time, as well as normalize the work of the digestive system.
  3. A sufficiently large amount of water and green tea makes it possible to wash the body, thereby freeing it from accumulated toxins and slags.

What and how to eat?

In order for all the advantages of this dietary method to work, it is necessary to clearly distribute the time of eating and to refuse snacking. It is also forbidden to change the composition of dishes. If you can not refuse salt, try replacing it with lemon juice.

The basis of the Chinese diet is meat of low-fat varieties - beef and chicken, lean fish, vegetables - carrots, cabbage and tomatoes. In the morning you can afford a cup of tea or weak coffee, but without sugar.

The weekly menu is fairly simple and affordable:

1 day

Breakfast. Black coffee.

Dinner. Cabbage with olive oil, fresh tomato and two boiled eggs. Instead of a tomato, you can drink 1 tbsp. freshly made tomato juice.

Dinner. Serving fish and salad with cabbage.

2 day

Breakfast. 200 ml of freshly brewed coffee and a small piece of dried bread.

Dinner. Salad with cabbage and a portion of fish.

Dinner. A small amount of lean beef (up to 250 gr.) And 1 tbsp. fat-free yogurt.

3 day

Breakfast. A cup of coffee.

Dinner. Up to 500 gr.fresh carrots, seasoned with olive oil, raw egg.

Dinner. A few apples.

4 day

Breakfast. 200 ml of coffee.

Dinner. Parsnip root or parsley, fried in olive oil or ground in mashed potatoes, a couple of apples.

Dinner. Boiled beef, 2 boiled eggs, salad with cabbage.

5 day

Breakfast. 1 fresh carrot seasoned with lemon juice.

Dinner. Portion of fish (up to 0.5 kg.) Steamed, freshly squeezed tomato juice.

Dinner. Cabbage with olive oil, a small piece of fish.

6 day

Breakfast. The usual cup of custard coffee.

Dinner. A portion of boiled chicken, salad with cabbage and carrots.

Dinner. 2 boiled eggs and salad with cabbage.

7 day

Breakfast. A cup of green tea.

Dinner. Low-fat beef and fruits in unlimited quantities (except bananas).

Dinner. Dish to choose from the menu 2.4 or 6 days.

If it is difficult for you to keep to a clear schedule, then you can use another two-week program, during which the diet should include a specific list of products from which you can prepare dishes that suit you. Required for consumption are:

  • fruit (not more than 250 grams);
  • rice (about 400 gr.);
  • fresh vegetables (500 gr.);
  • low-fat fish (150 gr.);
  • legumes (50 gr.);
  • eggs;
  • liquid porridge on the water.

During the diet, the body gets used to receiving food rarely and in small quantities, because in the third week you will need to gradually return to the normal diet, consuming a large amount of green tea and water.

Adhering to the basic principles of the Asian diet, you can improve overall health and significantly reduce the number of centimeters in different areas of the body.

It is worth remembering that if for some reason you can not comply with all the prescriptions, do not do it by force. Such a power system is contraindicated:

  • children under 16;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • those who suffer from diseases of the digestive system.

The Chinese diet is a very strict method of nutrition, its positive result is possible only under the condition of strict adherence to all recommendations and prescribed portions. Be patient and patient and go on to your beautiful body!

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