Interesting solutions for the kitchen: from floor to ceiling, with repair and without it

At first glance, everything is in order with your kitchen: a fresh renovation and a practical set, all the necessary appliances are conveniently in place. However, she still lacks something: raisins, which will add originality to the interior. Do not sigh sadly, considering interesting cuisine in the pages of design magazines or sites. Our article will tell you the original decoration solutions that do not require large financial expenditures or major changes in the room, which will achieve the result not worse.

Only one unusual plate, hung on the wall, or a beautiful inscription on the apron will wonderfully change the style of the kitchen, making it original and spectacular. And if the decor elements are made by themselves, they will add to the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

What to consider when improving the kitchen

You can decorate walls, furniture and even appliances. The main thing is to do it with such materials that will withstand the conditions of the kitchen, that is, they will not be afraid of humidity and temperature drops, they will not cause problems with cleaning and will not absorb odors.

The kitchen is an exceptional place in the house. As a rule, it is small in size, but serves as several rooms at once. Here we prepare and receive guests, communicate with households and rest in the evening alone for a cup of coffee (as an option - with a friend for a glass of brandy). Here you can find a lot of necessary utensils and household appliances for the kitchen, which should always be at hand. Given all this, you can decide on the main requirements for the arrangement of this room:

  1. It is necessary to decorate the kitchen in such a way that it does not interfere with its functional features.
  2. If the area of ​​the room is small, try to optimally use every corner and centimeter. Or find a way to expand the space by demolishing walls and combining with adjacent rooms.
  3. First of all, you should arrange storage space for numerous appliances and kitchen utensils, and you can decorate them to your liking.

In any case, try to place the decor where it will occupy a minimum of space - on the walls of the kitchen.

Expand the room

To increase the area of ​​the kitchen, it is not necessary to demolish the walls. You can simply visually connect it to the next room or corridor. Paint the walls in both rooms in one color or choose another identical finish - in any case, you get the illusion of a single space with the kitchen.

If you really conceived cardinal changes - remove the intermediate wall between adjacent rooms. This can only be done if it is not a carrier. Thus, the kitchen will turn into a working area, and the living room will serve as a dining room, where you can organize friendly gatherings at a large table. With this solution, interesting zoning ideas of the combined space will be useful to you:

  • A floor of different heights. It can be raised in the living room by 10-12 cm or in the kitchen itself. In the second case, you will be able to disguise the layout of plumbing communications during the redevelopment. And to make the podium look spectacular, install several spotlights in it.
  • Another technique for kitchen zoning is the contrast of the color or the selected coating material. In the work area it can be linoleum or tile, in the dining room - laminate or carpet.
  • The ceiling can also be made multi-level: the dining room is equipped with a false ceiling with spotlights, and in the kitchen the necessary comfort will be provided by ceiling lights and LEDs above the working surface.
  • Use a decorative sliding partition in the doorway, which in itself will be an excellent interior decoration.
  • Today, very popular ideas for the interior in the kitchen with a bar. For it, you can choose the original tabletop or embed a decorative lighting here - the main thing is that all this is combined with the chosen style of the room.

We decorate the walls

Great ideas for decorating monochromatic kitchen walls are paintings, vinyl stickers and drawings made through stencils. If you do not have outstanding talents of the painter, use stamps or stickers - you can make them yourself, order them for your design or buy ready-made ones.

All kinds of silhouettes of flowers, bees, vegetables and graffiti are sold in large hardware stores.Vinyl stickers are sold in souvenir shops and hypermarkets. They are also printed on individual orders in printing shops. This option for the kitchen is good because it can be easily replaced when the drawing gets bored.

Talented people can decorate one of the background walls with their own still life, mural or stucco, using paints or decorative plaster.

For kitchen walls with a pattern, for example, already covered with wallpaper, we recommend choosing the right accessories:

  • Paintings in frames;
  • Posters or photo collages;
  • Voluminous interior letters;
  • Unusual wall clocks for the kitchen.

For such walls fit and shelves with rare dishes, painted plates and cutting boards. Often decorate not the whole wall, but only a part of it: an apron, free space at the dining table.

You can implement unusual ideas for the kitchen even at the repair stage, experimenting with the finish. Do you tile the surface? Lay it out in a beautiful and non-standard way or play with a combination of colors and patterns. If the tile is not new, it can be painted or decorated with the same vinyl stickers - they are perfectly washable and quite resistant to abrasion.

Particularly interesting solutions for the kitchen today offer manufacturers of chalk wallpaper.Because of their dark color, we do not recommend making out the whole room, but you can make so-called blotches in the form of paintings or blackboard. Children will be delighted with the possibility of painting on walls with impunity, and adults will be able to write something on their “boards” (for example, recipes or declarations of love). These wallpapers are wonderfully washed and even glued from place to place if desired. If your kitchen needs a lighter option, choose a film for drawing with markers, but do not forget that under this finish you will have to more carefully align the walls.

We decorate furniture and appliances

Return the second youth of furniture, you can use the decor with your own hands. Strip an old grandmother's sideboard and cover it with craquelure varnish, creating a glamorous aging effect - you’ll have a fashionable buffet for your kitchen or dining room.

Wall cabinets and cabinets can be repainted, made for them unusual handles (for example, from small mugs or bamboo sticks), decorate with painting, decoupage or self-adhesive. Glazed facades of the kitchen will look more spectacular if you decorate them with stained glass paints or just curtain them with beautiful curtains on a fishing line.

In a small kitchen, it is better to make the top row of cabinets as open as possible or to replace the standard modules completely with shelves. Arrange on them beautiful dishes, transparent jars with multi-colored spices, collections of recipes and bright knick-knacks - you will get quite a designer kitchen.

Instead of standard shelves and drawers in the pedestals, wicker baskets can be used.

Try painting your fridge at least with the simplest picture: under a zebra, tiger skin or even make it polka-dotted. Alternatively, you can simply paste over the case and the door with vinyl film with an original print that fits to the style of the kitchen. It will look wonderful homemade magnets or family photography in an uncommon framework.

We decorate the windows

Here the main role is played by various curtains. Owners of a miniature kitchen is better to get airy and translucent short curtains of light shades. Lucky owners of large rooms are available dark and multi-layered curtains, which will add sophistication to the interior.

Stitched curtains or curtains for the kitchen with their own hands will give it a special personality.Decorate them with fringe and tassels, embroidered beaded patterns and all sorts of decorative fixtures in the form of mugs or butterflies. If desired, you can change the textiles (curtains, covers for chairs, tablecloth) for the season:

  • in summer, “cool” the interior with blue and green hues;
  • in winter, “warm up” with red and orange flowers.

There are a lot of amazing ideas in the interior of the kitchen - there is where a person with a rich imagination can roam. Almost everything can be done by hand or with the help of relatives, without spending large amounts of money on it. Let your amazing kitchen become truly original and set the household in a positive way.

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