Interpretation of symbols on clothing labels

What do the symbols on clothing labels mean? How to wash, dry, iron and clean products from different fabrics?

WASHING Products with boiling. Products made of cotton and linen, white or colored resistant to boiling. Cleaning products in hot water at 60 ° C. Non-boiling-resistant items, such as thin cotton or polyester fabrics. Cleaning products with neutral detergents in warm water at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C. For example, dark colored or motley cotton, polyester and melange fabrics, fine linen from viscose and synthetic fibers. Cleaning products with neutral detergents in cold water at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C. For example, wool products, suitable for washing in the machine (gentle washing). Only hand wash is allowed. Do not rub, do not squeeze. Textiles that can not be washed in a washing machine. Washing temperature 30 ° C — 40 ° C depending on the product. Do not wash Products bearing this mark cannot be washed. They should be dry cleaned. Washable. Gentle wash.Accurately withstand the temperature of the water, do not expose to strong mechanical processing, with spinning - a slow centrifuge mode. Delicate wash. Large amounts of water, minimal machining, quick rinsing. DRYING AND SPIN. Can be dried. Do not dry (applies with Do Not Wash). You can squeeze and dry in the washing machine or in an electric clothes dryer. Do not squeeze and dry in a washing machine or electric dryer. Do not wring out. Dry at low temperature. Dry at medium temperature. Dry at high temperature. Gentle pressing and drying. Delicate spinning and drying. Vertical drying. Dry without spinning. Dry on a horizontal surface. Dry in the shade. BLEACHING AND DRY-CLEANING Dry cleaning (dry cleaning). Do not dry clean. Dry cleaning with any solvent. Cleaning with the use of hydrocarbons, ethylene chloride, monoflotrichloromethane. The line under the circle with the letter indicates the need to expose the product gentle cleaning. Cleaning with hydrocarbon and triflotrichloromethane. The line under the circle with the letter indicates the need to expose the product gentle cleaning. Can be bleached.Do not bleach, do not use chlorinated detergents and laundry detergents with bleach. Can be bleached using chlorine. Bleach only without chlorine. COATING Can be ironed. Do not iron. Iron at high temperature (up to 200 ° C). Cotton, linen, textiles in a wet state. Only in this mode, you can steam laundry. Iron at medium temperature (up to 150 ° C). Cotton, silk, wool, polyester, viscose. Iron through a lightly moistened cloth or iron with a steam humidifier. get on with low temperature (up to 110 ° C). Synthetic fabrics: polyacryl, polyamide, polyester, acetate. Do not steam.

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