Is it true that the next man will be worse than the previous one?

Has divorced and has not regretted! I recovered from this horror in about a year and a half and had to work on errors for myself forever. And it's so serious that I do not admit such blunders to myself anymore. The first husband with the current and next was not standing. I learned how to turn on my head, which in my first marriage did not follow me because of youthful carelessness.

Therefore, the statement that every next man will be worse than the previous one is complete nonsense, invented, as I said above, by losers or women who have been tormented with bad husbands all their lives, and are afraid to change something. But this is not about us, right? The main thing to remember a few rules:

Start with yourself

Usually, when parting or divorcing, we are to blame for everything OH. But we ourselves chose "this most terrible person in the world"? So, something in him hooked us? You have to dig into yourself and find something to not again get into the network of exactly the same type, with the same devils and habits. And then again to be disappointed in him and look guilty.

Is it true that the next man will be worse than the previous one?

Do not spite anything

Sometimes we start a new relationship from a kind of revenge, in a swift attempt to prove something to ourselves or an ex-spouse, to show everyone our relevance and attractiveness, "so that he knows who he has lost!". An intermediate stage, unnecessary and unimportant for a woman, and the new man will quickly understand it. Although, as a means to raise one's self-esteem, it is quite a working option.

Achieve mutual understanding

Even with reinforced concrete beliefs about what ideal relations should be, we sometimes do not admit that a new elect also has his own experience and his convictions can be even stronger than ours. Previous negative relationship experience usually plays a cruel joke with both partners. Excessive demands to the fact that reality does not coincide with high expectations, leads to separation. Therefore, girls, remember: to give in and bend - different things. The verge should be felt clearly and not abused by the rule "more concede and not quarrel", otherwise you risk making yourself "life-guilty" and without the right to your own desires and opinions. You need to work on the bugs and find the most comfortable middle ground for you.

Do not compare the new elect with the former, well, at least aloud and with him

Of course, it is necessary to compare, but in thought, in order to understand how it is better or worse. But in no case do not talk about this to your new lover. As long as we live in the past, in the present no relationship is stuck together. It will be unpleasant for any man to constantly hear "... but my former one did this and that!", "... you do not know how? But the former has succeeded! ” Imagine it would be nice to you? After all, it is important for us to feel that we are valuable and important on their own, and not in comparison with the predecessor.

Is it true that the next man will be worse than the previous one?

I do not urge to throw their second halves and run to look for better. But if you have already broken up or are at a crossroads and you know for sure that you need to change something in life - do not be afraid! On my own experience, I can say for sure: each subsequent man will be BETTER than the previous one, if the brain is turned ON. After all, badly we ourselves will be able to live, and we must live well with a man!

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