It is quite possible to grow an avocado tree from a stone in the usual conditions of a city apartment.

Avocados have long been loved by those who are committed to a healthy diet, and this is not surprising. After all, the soft, oily fruit, whose birthplace is Latin America and where it is called “forest oil”, contains easily-absorbed monosaturated fats and promotes weight loss. At the same time there is absolutely no harmful fats and sugars.

In addition, avocados contain many vitamins and minerals, as well as biologically active substances, which generally rejuvenate the body. In 1998, the avocado was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its nutritional value.

In the middle of the avocado fruit is a large round bone covered with glossy brown skin. Probably, you also had the idea that it would be good to find a use for it.From this stone in the usual conditions of a city apartment it is quite possible to grow your own avocado tree, on which large pear-shaped fruits will grow over time.

Growing avocados is a matter of several consecutive steps. The process of growing an exotic plant with pleasure will be watched by the whole family, children and adults.

1. Cultivation of avocado seed

After cleaning the avocado, carefully insert "on the equator" of the fruit 4 toothpicks at an equal distance from each other. Now dip a soft avocado bone with toothpicks into a cup of water about 2.5 cm (1/3 of the seed) wide end down. If the seed is round and it is difficult to determine the lower part, then look at the location inside the fruit immediately after cutting. The top is near the stone where it is attached to the peduncle of the berries.

Place the seed with water in a warm place away from direct sunlight, let it nourish with moisture and germinate. The water in the cup should be poured and changed every 3-5 days. To avoid rotting, you can put a piece of charcoal in the cup.

In about 2-6 weeks, the roots and sprout of the stem will appear.

Once the stem reaches 15 cm in length, trim it to about 8 cm and wait until more leaves grow, and the roots become denser. The bone itself will break in two.

2Time of disembarkation

Pick a large pot with a diameter of about 25 cm and fill it with loose and moisture-rich enriched soil. Place pebbles or fragments of broken clay pots for drainage on the bottom. Make a small hole in the center of the soil and plant the seed with the roots, leaving half of the seed above the ground.

Tip: a clay pot with a hole at the bottom will provide excellent drainage to the plant.

Regularly water the avocados, carefully taking care to keep the soil moist, but without excessive saturation. If you notice that the leaves began to turn yellow or fall off, this means that the soil needs to be dried and renewed with less water. If the leaves are brown and dry, the avocado needs extra moisture. In this case, put the pot in the sink and sip the soil with moisture for a few minutes with a thin stream of water. Take care of the good drainage for the plant.

3. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Continue to take care of the plant, water and feed it, and do not forget to pinch. In addition, the avocado plant perfectly cleans the air in the room and grows into a beautiful lush bush or tree.

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