John Travolta danced on stage with 50 Cent

John Travolta is having fun at Cannes, where the 71st Cannes Film Festival takes place. On May 15, the guests of the show could watch the new film “Codex Gotti”, where the actor plays the famous Italian mafia, and his wife Kelly Preston - the wife of the “Teflon boss”.

The premiere of Codex Gotti was a truly family event for Travolta. His father, 18-year-old Ella and 7-year-old Benjamin came to see Dad as the head of the Gambino family. Well, later, the 64-year-old actor pleased everyone with his impromptu, stepping on the stage during a rapper 50 Cent performance.

John Travolta "shook the old days" under Just A Lil Bit and started the hall with his dance in the style of dad dancing. And let the star of the “American History of Crimes” be far from itself in the 70s, 50 Cent itself and the audience came to a complete delight from the actor’s energy. In his Twitter account, the rapper posted a short video and signed: "John Travolta and I light up at a party." In response, funny videos immediately appeared in the comments with a reaction to the dance of the actor and, of course, memes with dancing Travolta.

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