Juicy lyulya kebab - an alternative to shish kebab

If you can not live without meat, you probably tried a lot of meat dishes. If you like shish kebab, then no less appetizing lyulya-kebab should also be to taste. But how to cook it? There are little tricks and basic rules.

What it is?

Lula-kebab is a meat dish that is common in the Balkans, Central Asia, and also in the Caucasus. If you translate such an intricate name, it literally means something like "fried meat in a tube".

Restaurant serving

And this phrase completely reflects the essence of the dish, which is a minced meat, formed into a tube and planted on a skewer. Stuffing is traditionally made from lamb, but there are a lot of other modern recipes that involve the use of other meats.

How to choose meat for lula kebab?

What should be the meat used to make this dish? As already noted, in the classic version it is better to use lamb. But veal, pork or chicken is also quite suitable.

The most important and fundamental point is the fat content of meat. It must necessarily be bold, otherwise the prepared dish will not be juicy. In addition, it is better to choose young tender meat, it will make the dish more juicy and tender.

What other ingredients are commonly used for cooking?

With lavash delicious

So, in addition to meat, you will need:

  • Fat fat. It will not only increase the fat content, but will also act as a kind of link for minced meat, ensuring the integrity of the cutlets formed. The quality of the fat directly depends on the taste of the finished dish, so that you should carefully consider the choice, otherwise you just spoil everything.
  • Onion. It will give its special juiciness and savory taste.
  • Salt. Here, be determined by taste.
  • Many also add garlic.
  • Spice. Usually used coriander, basil, pepper, parsley, dill, barberry and so on. You can choose one thing or use a mixture, as well as add your favorite seasonings, combined with meat. But, surprisingly, in the classic version of the green is not.

There is nothing more in the traditional recipe. Do not add bread, potatoes or eggs, as in the usual for all cutlets.

How to cook minced meat?

Stuffing must be prepared in a special way, it is then that he will get the desired consistency and will not fall apart on skewers. Here are some tricks:

  1. If you use fresh meat (that’s the best way to do it), then don’t be in a hurry to get the meat grinder and use it. Minced minced meat is much more juicy and tasty. So take a big knife and start chopping meat into small, small pieces. Hard, but worth it, believe me.
  2. Ready minced need to knead for a long time and thoroughly, it is then that it will be viscous and will not disintegrate into skewers. Be prepared for the fact that it can take about 20-30 minutes. You can ask for help from your husband or young man, he, perhaps, will cope faster. And in order to consolidate the result and precisely protect the cutlets from destruction, several times, beat the stuffing over the board (if necessary, divide it into several parts).
  3. If you do not want to do everything correctly and according to the traditional recipe or you want to speed up the process, then add a chicken egg to the mince, then it will act as a link.
  4. Add spices.
  5. Form oblong patties, seal them, and then put them on the skewers.

How to cook?

Alternative to shish kebab

How to cook delicious kebab? This can be done in several ways:

  • Fry in a pan. For frying it is better to use not oil, but fat.
  • You can bake lula kebab in the oven. It is better to cover the bottom of the pan with foil or parchment so that nothing burns and collapses.
  • On the fire the dish also turns out incredibly tasty.
  • Some manage to make a kebab in a double boiler. Yes, the dish will be almost dietary, but all the meaning and traditional taste will be lost.
  • The slow cooker can also be used, such a device is almost universal in cooking.

Traditional recipe

It's meat

Here are the ingredients you need:

  • 1 kilogram of lamb;
  • 150 grams of fat tail;
  • 3 bulbs of medium size;
  • salt and black pepper to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. To begin with, wash the pulp, remove all the films and veins. Then chop the meat with a knife into small pieces.
  2. Mix the minced meat with fat, knead well, add salt and spices, leave for half an hour.
  3. Then mince the beat on the board several times until it becomes sticky and viscous.
  4. Take skewers or wooden skewers (if you plan to cook a dish at home in a pan or in the oven). Form oblong patties of mince, compact them and string them on skewers.
  5. Fry the kebab lamb on both sides until a golden crust appears. Then cover the pan with a lid, so that the stuffing comes to readiness and becomes tender and juicy.
  6. If you cook in the oven, then take a baking sheet, cover it with foil, put skewers or skewers with lula kebabs in it and cook for half an hour at 180 degrees.

How is the dish served?

How to serve lula kebab? As a side dish, you can use, for example, rice, salad or vegetable stew. And you can just offer guests pita bread, or even wrap lyula kebabs removed from the skewers (if it is thin).

Some serve a dish on the cushion of greenery. It is imperative that lula kebab be served hot, practically from the heat of the heat, otherwise the fat will harden and become tasteless. Some people remove kebabs from skewers, others eat directly from them, for whom it is convenient.

But the most important point is the sauce. There are many options and recipes. So, you can use tkemali, mustard sauces or some other. But there is a traditional and very simple recipe. You will need:

  • 1 onion;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of wine vinegar;
  • 1 teaspoon of chopped barberry blemish.

How to cook? Here, too, everything is simple:

  1. Peel the onion and cut into half rings.Remember it with your hands to make the juice stand out.
  2. Fill the onions with barberry and pour vinegar, remember again and leave for half an hour.
  3. Finished lube-kebabs place on the received weight, pour out the allocated juice.

There are other recipes, it all depends on personal preference.

Useful advice to housewives

Some tips for real housewives:

  • If you do not have fatty fat (it's not so easy to find it), then you can replace it with another fat, such as pork. Also suitable and vegetable oil, it is better to use olive. But it is the fat that provides the necessary consistency and simplifies the modeling of kebabs.
  • It is best to use thick skewers or skewers. They kebabs will keep better, but with thin can fall during cooking.
  • To prevent minced meat from sticking to your hands during molding, moisten your palms with water. And in winter it is better to moisten with warm, but in summer, on the contrary, it's cool.
  • After cooking the mince, put it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, so that the fat is slightly frozen and not lime to the hands in the process of forming kebabs.
  • Formed lyulya-kebabs on skewers or skewers again, send to the refrigerator. So they do not disintegrate in the cooking process.
  • When frying kebabs in a frying pan, it is better to flip them more than once, and a few, so that they are evenly fried and remain succulent.
  • Seasoning do not regret, the dish should be savory and a little spicy. But the amount can vary depending on preferences.

Prepare a kebab, please relatives or guests! Bon Appetit!

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