Kolonovidnye apple: varieties, planting and care

The first Kolonovidnye apple trees were grown in 1976 - their prototypes appeared in the Canadian nursery, but not by breeding, but naturally. 12 years before, the nursery staff found an amazing branch on one of the apple trees, covered with lots of fruit and not having sprouts. They kept the branch, tried to develop it, and the experience was a success - at the moment there are a large number of varieties of Coloniform apple trees.

Varieties of Kolonovidy apple trees and their description

There are a lot of varieties of this type of apple trees, and first of all, they are classified according to the maturity of fruits - early, mid-ripening and late. In addition, the breeders divide them into two main types - with the presence of the gene "So" and vaccinated, in the trunk of which the process from the Kolonovidny seedling with the gene "So" was implanted.

Ordinary gardeners and gardeners, gardeners know only varieties of such fruit trees, the list of which is very large:

  • Constellation,
  • The president,
  • Amber,
  • Garland,
  • Cascade,
  • Nectar,
  • Ostankino,
  • Arbat,
  • Gina,
  • Yesenia,
  • Stella and others.

Kolonovidnye apple trees, as a rule, dwarf, but this does not mean that their fruits are small. The average weight of the fruit of any of the varieties ranges from 170 to 250 g. Late (winter), as a rule, less, but do not cross the minimum facet in 140 g.

Unusually popular among the summer residents and gardeners of Russia is the columnar apple variety Vasyugan - with a pyramidal trunk, conical, slightly elongated bright red fruits weighing within 150-200 g, sour-sweet, grainy juicy pulp, pleasant aroma. The variety is high-yielding, with an average level of ripening - at the end of August and beginning of September. The apple of this variety is well stored, optimal for harvesting and direct use during ripening.

Planting Rules for Colony Apple Trees

The characteristic of this type of apple trees allows you to grow them in any region of the Russian Federation - be it Moscow or Moscow region, the Urals or Siberia. Statistics show that the yield does not depend on climatic conditions. What matters is the method of cultivation. landing site and care. For planting of the Colony Apple trees, it is necessary to carefully select the siteThis will ensure high yields and timely ripening of fruits, their technical qualities - storage, compliance with the requirements for raw materials for the production of blanks for the winter. The area where you can plant such an apple tree must meet the following parameters:

  • sandy and loamy fertile soils,
  • open to the sun, without drafts,
  • groundwater at a distance of 2 m from the soil surface.

To plant seedlings of the Apple can be both spring and autumn. In spring, this can be done when the soil is already warm enough, but the buds on the trees have not yet blossomed. In the autumn, you can plant at a time when the foliage is already falling, but there are still no serious frosts. In each of the Russian regions, the appropriate time for planting the Coloniformes is individual. And they can grow and bear fruit in any zone - from temperate and tropical latitudes to the northern regions.

In the hole to accommodate the seedling of the Colonoid apple tree, with a depth of at least 40 cm, a cone-shaped elevation is made, and the roots are spread on it. They are covered with layers of earth so that voids do not form in the hole. The first watering - at least 10 liters of water at room temperature.

How to care for Apple Bars

Care begins with the selection of seedlings, this is the main rule of gardeners. You need to buy not the one whose price is lower, but the one that has healthy roots, the trunk without signs of rotting and wounds, scratches, traces of broken branches. In no case should the roots be overdried, that is, a sapling must be purchased during the period when it is possible to immediately land on the ground.

Caring for any Apple-Cane-shaped apple should include the following procedures:

  • top dressing - the type of fertilizer is chosen under the type of soil,
  • watering and loosening the soil in the area of ​​the root system,
  • pruning to ensure correct crown formation and yield
  • protection during the winter period from frosts and slander by birds.

In addition, it is necessary to regulate the load on the trunk of the tree - to remove excess fruit. Another advantage of this type of apple trees is that even their unripe fruits successfully reach technical ripeness in comfortable conditions, even removed from the branches, and do not deteriorate.

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