Komondor - Hungarian Sheepdog

Komondor is a large shepherd dog, covered with white long hair, similar to pigtail-dreadlocks. The coat is so long that it almost closes the eyes. These dogs are one of the largest. This is a very energetic animal, quite capricious and stubborn. But if you bring him up correctly, it is difficult to find your best friend.

Description of the Komondor breed

Sheep-dogs of this breed have only white color. Sometimes experts breed individuals with black hair, but this is more likely a rarity, because by standards animals should be only white. A photo of a comonor shows how he looks like a strong, graceful and independent dog.

Komondor will never harm a child
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Individual 2-3 years of age is considered fully formed. The nose is black, dark gray or dark brown. Other shades are considered non-compliant.

Lives about 12-13 years. It has a well-developed musculature, a large head with hanging ears, a strong and massive body. The animal has very strong jaws with a bite similar to scissors.

Shepherd Character

The millennia of service as assistants to the shepherd tribes have shaped the harsh nature of this dog. To the enemies she is merciless, but very faithful to her master. The white color and long hair made the animal almost imperceptible in the flock of sheep, so with such a watchman the shepherds could not worry about the safety of their flock.

Now pets have successfully adapted to urban conditions and live in families, protecting and protecting their owners.

In relation to loved ones, animals of this breed are surprisingly balanced and respectful. With them, without problems, you can leave the child: they are wonderful nannies. And they will not give anyone any offense to the child.

These shepherds are very suspicious of strangers, so as a watchman they are just perfect. Optimal conditions for the animal of this breed - country or private house with a plot. The dog needs a constant movement, while the owners can be calm for the safety of their property - a furry watchman will never let a stranger in the house.

How to care for komondorom

Komondor breed in food unpretentious. You can feed it with natural products or buy dry food. Adult dogs eat 2 times a day.Puppies, depending on age, are fed more often in accordance with the recommendations of the veterinarian. By 2-2.5 months, the puppy should receive all vaccinations.

Dogs of this breed have good health, but there is dysplasia of the joints, this should be closely monitored. Another feature is long wool. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the animal for the presence of ticks and fleas. It is better if the vet advises a special parasite spray.

Do not use toilet soap when washing wool. Only special shampoos!

And one more nuance - the pet's hanging ears should be cleaned with appropriate products sold in veterinary pharmacies. It is better to cut the hair on the paws, in time to notice the wounds that the dog can get while running on the ground.

This is a great dog, loyal friend and guard. So if you need a reliable caretaker for the house, then a dog of this breed is one of the best options.

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