Ksenia Sobchak denied rumors of a second pregnancy

  1. Droppers with multivitamins and iron. The charge of cheerfulness and vitality;
  2. Pressotherapy - removes water quickly and efficiently;
  3. Cryosauna is my discovery, superprocedure for raising immunity;
  4. Pressure chamber - enrichment with oxygen;
  5. Massage with styx is hellish in the process and an incredible result immediately the next morning - legs like Lena Perminova;
  6. Anti-cellulite injections of nitrogen - it hurts, but it is super effective!

- Xenia shared the procedures that help her to bring the body into shape. “In short, a week from a man who is endlessly suspected of pregnancy, you turn into a ruddy and thin nymph!” She summed up, confirming the words of the video on which she was standing under the stream of water.

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