Kuperoz - a blush that is not at all to face

Kuperoz leads to the fact that the skin does not receive oxygen and nutrients, itching, inflammation, dryness. Vessels and capillaries can become brittle and weak under the influence of several causes - heredity, varicose disease, cardiovascular diseases, various diseases of the digestive tract and liver. Couperosis also occurs during hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause, and contraceptive use.
To protect yourself from the disease, you must first revise your lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol should be abandoned, they adversely affect not only the vessels and capillaries, but also the entire body as a whole. Caffeine and carbonated drinks are harmful with rosacea. It is better to replace them with fruit drinks, green tea, compotes, citrus juice.
As for food, it is necessary to abandon spicy and too spicy dishes and include foods in the diet,able to strengthen vessels - sea fish, vegetable oils, products with vitamin A and vitamin E. Fatty acids such as omega-3 are useful. Almost all wild berries and citrus fruits are useful for vessels.
The helpers of couperosis are wind, frost, temperature contrasts - because of them the vessels burst. Never neglect protective creams with oils and fats. Vessels, as well as the organism as a whole, need hardening - a piece of ice in the mornings, carried along the skin, will make it more elastic. Capillaries can be strengthened with chamomile compresses. Not only frost, but the sun also adversely affects the skin and causes rosacea. If you have signs of rosacea, sunbathing is strictly prohibited.
Despite the benefits of baths and saunas, they are harmful to skin prone to rosacea. It is not necessary to exclude them from your life, but it is better to shorten your time to 10 minutes, while covering your face with a towel.
A good helper in the fight against unnatural blush are vitamins - P, K and C, as well as nicotinic acid.
Cosmetics for skin prone to rosacea, you need to choose only one where it is indicated that it is suitable for sensitive skin. At the same time in the cosmetics should not be alcohol, but should be as much as possible vitamins.
As for facial treatments, such as fruit acids or mechanical peels, they are not recommended. You can only clean the skin with ultrasound or enzyme peeling.

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