Kurban Bayram holiday greetings in verse and prose. How to congratulate your friends in Tajik and Tatar


On Kurban-Bayram congratulations and warm wishes sound everywhere. They are spoken in Russian, Tatar, Tajik, Arabic and other languages ​​by ordinary people and officials from different countries where Islam loyally resides. Various festive events are timed to the holiday, and the streets and avenues of big cities are decorated with posters and banners with thematic pictures. Beautiful greeting words in poems are written on postcards and sent to relatives and friends in other cities and countries. Friends and colleagues are greeted with cheerful holiday sms,and the old people are welcomed with the most gentle and touching words in prose, thus demonstrating their respect for the religious traditions of the faithful allah.

Congratulations on Kurban-Bayram in Russian - pictures and postcards

Congratulations to Kurban-Bayram in Russian written or printed on colorful cards with thematic pictures look very impressive, stylish and extraordinary. They give the holiday extra brightness and highlight the solemnity of the moment. Such pleasant messages can be handed to friends and close people in person, along with kind wishes and small presentations, sent by mail in smart envelopes, sent over the Internet to e-mail boxes or posted on their pages in social networks, thereby becoming familiar with the great and significant Muslim holiday of Kurban - Bayram.




Congratulations with Kurban-Bairam sms for friends and colleagues

For friends, co-workers, business partners and clients professing Islam, SMS greetings from Kurban Bayram are perfect. Familiar Muslims will be extremely pleased to see on the screen of their phone some kindly ones on the day of their bright holiday,pleasant solemn phrases, supplemented by sincere and touching wishes of love, peace, friendship and mutual understanding. Do not skimp on good words and write them from the heart. Such a small token of attention given to friends and acquaintances is sure to be remembered and will give your relationships extra cordiality, openness and sincerity.


On holidays, Kurban Bayram,
I wish faith for the whole year!
I know, in your house this ancient holiday
Happiness and wealth will bring!


Pilgrimage to mecca completed
Kurban Bayram came to visit us.
Allah we asked from the heart
So that every life happy found.


For all Muslims in the world
To honor the adopted Kurban-Bayram:
Change clothes and wash.
And with the poor people to share.

Let the same day Kurban-Bayram
Peace and peace come to you!
May Allah keep everyone,
May he forgive everyone today!

Kurban Bayram greetings in Tatar and Tajik for relatives


Many modern citizens of Russia have Tajik, Tatar and Uzbek roots, profess Islam and very fluently celebrate all Muslim holidays. For their relatives and friends, they most often choose greetings on Kurban Bayram in Tatar or Tajik.Similarly, there are ethnic Russians who want to please their Muslim friends. In this way, they express sincere respect for the traditions, faith and language of another people and emphasize the unity of representatives of different faiths and opposing religious convictions.


Korban Gaete җitte,

Onytmagyz tugannar!
Өilәrezez tazadyr, Klelegez, -bәyrmchә.
Moncha Yagyp Kerzgsezder,
Clean cue kig кzdezder.
Irtәgә bit zur bәyrәm,
Mochetlar to the bottomless!
Yaknnarygiznyң yes,
Hullion is white with a crochet.
Korban Chalyp Chakyrsalar,
Barmy Kalmagyz Bay.
Dogalar tyuklar өchen,
Kylabyz һәr Yelny.
Hәle Bulgan кrkem dә,
Kuchtnich alyp bar.
Ash-su, өstәl ер Mirror.
Әti-әnigә kaytabyz,
Caterleryan belerge.
Zur Savaplar җyarbiz,
Zurlasak bu beyrәmne.
Bürüm belan meөselmannar,
Bәhetlәr Birsen Go!
Allanny onytmyyk ber dә,

Hөrmәtle duslar!

Korban gaite mөbarq bullsyn!


Go Қurbon omadu, the gift of Makka hachi Akbar ast,

Dustonro Tabrik Namudan, Sunnati Paygambar Ast.

Shumoro boro Farorasiya Idi urbon Tabrik megem. Bigzor Khudovandi buzurg ba ҳamaaton ibeududiya salomatiya қavӣ, konaobodӣ, the gift of koruyaton muvaffқiâtҳoi benazir va sarbalandӣ atoms namoyad.


Kөch-kuәt, ilһam өөstөsen, egyllum ashlәrgә, gamlәrg өndәsen, yakty өmetraәr alyp kilsen. Ikhlas köldәn saulyk-sәlamәtlek, jerk of tynychlyg, gail bientenle, yortlarygygyga iminlek timen!

Allahidan Kilgun Bәyrәm Belan

Tübrik, we’re doing this seggy tugannar!

Barchabyzny yes Kabul Bulsyn

Chyn yөrәktәn Chalgan Korbannar!


Olug әyrәm bүgen bar җiһanda -

Korban gaete bulsyn boilers!

Izge eslәr kylgan r keshegә

Bәhet-sәgadәt nasyyip bulsyn!

Congratulations on Kurban Bayram in poems beautiful and touching


Beautiful and touching congratulations on Kurban Bayram in verse can be recited right at the holiday table, where all family members gathered. Such a performance will give the event a special solemnity and will certainly attract attention. The bright performance should be supplemented with a short individual wish for everyone present, and at the end of the speech thank Allah for his protection and protection. It will be very successful if the poem is read by representatives of the younger generation. In this way, they will pay homage to the elderly and show how they respect the religious traditions of their ancestors.


Great day of Kurban Bayram
He broke into every house!
We are the glory of our forefathers
The whole world will sing!

Let your family like the Garden of Eden,
Blossoms in all ages!
Let you keep from all obstacles
Almighty hand!


Here came Kurban Bayram

A bright holiday of Muslims,

Everyone congratulate each other,

With all my heart they pray,

Generous set the table

And the guests are already full house

May Allah bless his children

On this day, bless!


A great day for Muslims,
He is called Kurban Bayram.
And you need a sacrifice
To get forgiveness.

To cleanse your soul, body,
And to do the right thing,
Feed all the poor.
And everyone is ready for the holiday!

Great holiday celebrating,
Every Muslim gives
Relatives, friends, your warmth -
And the soul is so good!

Kurban-Bayram congratulations in prose for relatives


To the great Muslim holiday of Kurban Bairam, congratulations for close people of older age should sound very sincere, inspirational and touching. It is best to choose not poems for this occasion, but pleasant, beautiful lines in prose. They will be able to fully reflect the joyful festive mood and your attitude towards elderly relatives and friends.Complement the congratulatory phrases with good wishes for peace, health, happiness and well-being. They should be said out loud or written on a bright, colorful postcard with a thematic picture. If at the end you add a few traditional holiday words in the Tatar or Tajik language, the congratulation will take on a very personal touch and will remain in your memory for a long time. Your familiar Muslims will appreciate such sincere attention to their holiday and will be grateful for the respect of the religious traditions of their faith on the part of representatives of other faiths.


At Kurban Bayram, I want to give you not only congratulations and wishes from the heart of my very best, but also to say a few words about what seems to me very important. In the world one cannot only take, he demands sacrifices from us, big and small ... And believing that everything is not accidental, we should not be stingy to bring them and then our life will be illuminated with a special light of fair balance and everything that was given will come back a hundredfold!


Kurban-Bayram unites all Muslims. Making namaz, think about close people, friends and enemies, from the bottom of your heart wish them all happiness, and Allah will take away all sorrows and hardships from your house, leave only happiness and love.Give a sacred sacrifice to the needy, and the whole year in your house will be full of cornucopia. Happy holiday!

Today, all our dear and respected Muslims are celebrating a wonderful, important and very significant holiday - Kurban Bayram. This day comes to us once a year, and everyone is looking forward to it and carefully preparing for it. We are glad to meet all together this wonderful and mysterious holiday. We want to wish on this day a lot of abundance on the table, ringing songs, perky dances and a great, festive mood. May all families have well-being and happiness, peace and tranquility.

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