Landscape Design Ideas for Beginners

Our dynamic life with its eternal turmoil simply requires a periodic rest in a pleasant, peaceful place. A small oasis of your own dacha now is a true luxury. After all, it is here that you can escape from the bustle of a noisy city, relax in peace and quiet.

The funny thing is that many believe that the creation of landscape design - is very difficult, and inaccessible to them. But in fact this is absolutely not the case. By the way, many happy owners of such country plots themselves do not understand that they are not less skilled landscape designers. They actively break up lawns, plant exotic plants, decorate the banks of reservoirs and even construct very original Alpine hills, without suspecting that they have already started creating the landscape with their own hands.

Look at these photos, this is how you can originally create flower beds in your garden! This, for example, is made of fragments of an old brick, but how harmonious the overall composition looks!

Red brick, laid flat with a lawn - it's affordable and very functional!

Gardening not only forms the architectural and artistic image of the suburban area, but also improves its microclimate.

To create a very small funny mini-pond, it is quite possible to restrict yourself to even an ordinary acrylic bathtub, as unnecessary “sent” out of town. And for the organization of such a small pond, as in the photo below, it will take a minimum of effort.

Another way to create a unique green composition on the site is to make a plastic fence. It is very durable and practical. Now manufacturers offer such plastic fencing for flowerbeds, which are hard to distinguish from the stone or wooden ones.

Another unusual solution is a built-in flower bed. Original, simple and beautiful.

And here we see a successful combination of natural and artificial materials.

Carefully designed and tastefully arranged stone border gives any plant composition an exquisite look, as it emphasizes the tenderness and fragility of flowers.

A variety of creative elements will help to bring a “zest” and joyful cheerful notes to the landscape of your site.

The uniform color scale in registration of protections and a garden fence looks very stylishly.

And this is a good example of using paving slabs as a fence for a flower garden.

For many summer residents, the favorite attribute of the site is the Alpine slide, which is capable of creating the illusion of a natural stone painting with picturesque flowers. The main thing here - do not be afraid to experiment. How do you like that?

Decorative wooden fences for flower beds are used to create a rural style. The tree is combined with stone, garden figures, benches and swings.

In addition, you can beautifully equip hanging baskets for ampelous flowers, and arrange high vases for them. Or land unpretentious types in the most unexpected containers.

The versatility of concrete curbs allows their use anywhere in the garden.

Agree, part of the flowerbeds, where stones were used, looks much more interesting.

Durable wooden fence looks the most harmonious.

And how do you like this brick design?

Yes, of course, all this may seem too complicated, and you can always invite professionals who will bring your ideas to life for a considerable amount. But isn't it better to create such beauty with your own hands?

These bright flower beds and flower beds will become a true story of your creative search, vivid imagination and work, which you can proudly tell your friends.So is it worth it to deprive yourself of this pleasure? Or maybe you have your own interesting ideas for creating landscape design? Tell about them in the comments.

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