Layfaki: this you have not done with your microwave oven yet

51A microwave oven is something that can be found in almost every home! It has long become an integral part of our life, without which we already can not imagine a comfortable kitchen. Quickly warm up lunch or cooled tea, make delicious hot sandwiches - we used to do all this with a microwave.

However, do we use all of its capabilities? Is there something that we don’t know about? Of course have! And in this article we will tell you about the most unusual, interesting and useful life hacking that you haven’t done with your microwave!

  1. The second life of spices.Each in the closet there are bags and jars of spices. Many of them are stored there for a long time and are rarely used. After a while, you notice that they are completely exhausted and have lost their scent. What to do? Return them freshness, you can use the microwave! Just heat them up for a couple of minutes.


  1. Soft bread again.In the breadbasket, bread became stale again, and you were just about to have lunch? Do not rush to throw it away and go to the store for a new one - there is a great way to make hard bread soft again. Just heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.


  1. Easy way to cook pasta.In the microwave, you can not only warm up ready meals, but also cook! For example, to cook pasta, it is enough to fill them with a small amount of water and put in a microwave for 10 minutes. Just do not forget to stir them periodically.


  1. "Neutralized" onions.Need to cut a bow, but do not want to cry? Few people know, but if you warm the onions for 20 seconds in a microwave, it will stop causing tears. His useful properties, he will not lose with such treatment.


  1. We wash clothes.This is exactly what could not be expected from the microwave, so it is that it will turn into a washing machine! But it really can be washed in it - provided that things are small. They need to be put in a container of water, add powder or detergent, mix everything thoroughly and put in a microwave for 10 minutes. After that, rinse them under the tap and hang out to dry.To dry them, by the way, you can also in the microwave!


  1. My microwave.Another very useful lifhak. If after everything that you did with it, the microwave became dirty, it can be washed very easily. To do this, put a bowl of water in it. In the water you need to squeeze a little lemon juice or add citric acid. Heat the water for 3 minutes and then simply wipe the walls of the microwave with a damp cloth.

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