Leatherette Keychain

For the majority of lovers (and not only), the choice of a thematic gift on the occasion of the lovers' day, which has been the favorite holiday of many for many years, often becomes an unsolvable task. Someone is trying to give a huge expensive gift, wanting the size and value to express their love. But it is enough and tiny in size (and cost) offerings, which can show even the greatest passion. And if this gift is also created with its own hands, but from the heart of the whole wide one, there will be no price for it. The main thing is that it should be made with love. Even if it is clumsy and indistinct.
Keychain from leatherette
 Heart Keychain made of Leatherette
I offer a modest version of a present for a guy, which without special skills and effort can make any girl or girl - heart-keychain.I made it out of the leatherette that was in the house. So, for a creative impulse, you need a few items: leatherette, threads to match the base material, sintepon, scissors, cardboard pattern in the form of a heart, 3 buttons (for eyes and mouth).
Keychain heart of Dermatina
 Leatherette Keychain
Getting Started: With the help of the template we draw on the leatherette sintepon shape of hearts. Carefully cut out the shape. The heart of the sintepon should be slightly smaller than of the leatherette. We also cut the strip - it will be a loop for the ring to the keychain.
 Leatherette Keychain
 Leatherette Keychain
Immediately we sew buttons, giving our heart face (eyes and mouth). Then we impose a synthetic winterizer on the faceless heart, and a second heart with a face on top. Stitch the needle with threads, connecting the edges with such beautiful loops.
Heart Keychain of Leatherette
Keychain from leatherette
In a fashionable way we put a strip of dermatina folded in half, making a loop from it and sewing it. Yes, perhaps, the heart and nose in the form of a bead will not be superfluous. It remains to find and put on the loop a ring for the finished keychain.  Dermatin Heart Keychain
Heart co-key chain from dermatine
Is it bad for a guy? text-align: center; "> Heart keychain from dermatine

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