Lego wall clock with variable dial

We make a wall clock from Lego (LEGO), the main feature and advantage, compared to a regular clock, is an easily changeable dial, namely division, just remove some parts of Lego and attach others. These watches will perfectly fit in the children's room or in the office, where a cheerful and creative team works.

Materials and tools:

  1. Lego base 25x25 cm;
  2. any detail or figures of LEGO
  3. clockwork;
  4. spray paint (as needed);
  5. glue gun or glue;
  6. drill or knife.

Step 1

Take the Lego base (dial)   and in the center either drill a hole for the shaft of the clock mechanism, or cut it with a knife.

Now the dial, if necessary, we paint in the desired color. In this MK painted in gold. We wait until the paint is dry and continue.

Install the clock mechanism: insert the shaft into the hole (the main thing is that the shaft does not touch the edges of the hole), and glue the mechanism with the help of a hot-melt gun. We put arrows on the shaft.

At the end we decorate the dial with details or figures from Lego.

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