Lenten dishes: 20 original recipes

The beginning of fasting means a sharp rejection of food of animal origin; However, a change in diet can adversely affect health, therefore, the choice of products should be taken very carefully so that the body is not subjected to serious stress. Chef Maxim Kopylov told Woman's Day, which products are optimal for use in the post, and provided a collection of unique recipes.
Lenten dishes recipes with photos
Lenten dishes recipes with photos
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Lenten dishes: recipes
Lenten dishes: recipes
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Do not forget that fasting without prayer is just a diet. Anyway, those who refuse animal food during fasting pursue their goals. However, the change in the usual diet should be treated with great caution and understand what food will not harm health. It is also worth noting that a sharp rejection of meat and animal products will not lead to anything good; before a complete rejection of animal products, it is necessary to smoothly reduce their consumption. Meals should be balanced, nutritious and easily digestible.The only thing that upsets is the refusal of dairy products, because they contain essential amino acids.

The rules of nutrition in the post are quite simple. The most effective will be to follow the scheme of a combination of products that will not only maintain a good shape, but also give strength and will not allow stress to the body during this difficult time. The following is a sample list of foods that will be the main ration at the time of fasting.

Cereals are the “right” carbohydrates that provide the body with energy throughout the day.

Legumes are a storehouse of useful and easily digestible protein.

Pasta (macaroni) - one of the most satisfying foods. It is, however, choose products from durum wheat. In this paste, more nutrients, and the figure will not suffer from it.

Vegetables and fruits - a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, macro-and micronutrients, useful acids. The only thing worth remembering is that you cannot eat only some vegetables, this can lead to problems in the body and with the stomach, in particular.

Nuts and dried fruits. Dried fruits replace sweets, without which it is quite difficult to do for seven weeks.In addition, nuts have considerable benefits for the body. This product is convenient because they can have a snack at any time and immediately feel the saturation. As for dried fruits, prunes, for example, have a beneficial effect on digestion, and dried apricots and apricots - on the nervous system and heart.

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